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Climate Change, Taxes, Waste, & GOP-Dem CopyCats

Albert Maslar · Aug. 7, 2013

Global Warming – aka climate change – is a phenomenon made famous by VP Al Gore who is quite the abuser of excess carbon emissions with his over-sized lavish houses and his excessive private jet plane travel. Climate change, as well as global warming and global cooling are natural, uncontrollable phenomenon. But environmental activists dispatched global warming when disproved but morphed global warming into climate change.

This is simply another way for dictators to dictate; to panic the masses to keep them under control while rights and freedoms are constantly eroded and taken away. America is fearful, shaking in its boots, and closes shop in 19 Consulates in Islamic Middle East and Africa because of “chatter” that is used to exploit the citizenry.

If Americans live in fear, the leaders can do what they will as they are “protecting the folks.” Regardless of what the majority of Americans think, the US is the fastest growing dictatorship in the world, and it will not stop until the “One World Order” and their pseudo no-god religion is established and imposed.

Acquiescence of young college graduates who should know better are telling naysayers not to get excited about the state of America; that there is nothing that can be done. Just kick back and enjoy. Don’t raise blood pressure and just take care of yourself … FOR WHAT?

Many Americans have already surrendered American Liberty that someone else earned for them by the sacrifice of their life, health, and welfare. It may be a truism but generally, moderns put a value of zero on something that was not earned, something that was received “FOR FREE” – just pay extra shipping and handling.

Undefined extra shipping and handling are the chickens that have come home to roost, in more ways than one, and the extra shipping and handling is being administered by dictators residing in Washington, D.C. Like the Sundance Kid said, “Who are those guys?” America will find out a day late and a dollar short when all the FED “Green Ink and Ham” hits the fan.

As to the “green” agenda that Obama uses to force-feed limitation of human carbon dioxide emission, volcanoes, earthquakes, and natural fires are culprits humans cannot control, but that does not stop Obama and the International community from trying to extract taxes under false premises for nefarious purposes in their quest to control the world.

Conservation is one thing but enabling waste is another. Studies show that Americans, including food stamp recipients waste 40% of their food. The food stamp program is not meant to enable purchasing of the best and most expensive of foods.

If people are not working, they should at least shop smart by buying store brands, using coupons, purchasing sale items – not junk food, candy, soda, and juice cocktails that usually contain 5 to 20% juice only. Educated consumers – on food stamps or not – can stretch their food budgets considerably by buying only what they need, and not purchase excess that tends to be wasted. “Waste not, want not” is a valuable life axiom that is too often ignored. Conservation to save money works environmentally as well.

Consumers should combine trips to reduce transportation resources and costs, turn off lights in rooms not in use, and balance the thermostat, not making the house too hot or too cold. Saving energy saves money.

Use of credit cards in excess of what can be paid in full each month is the eventual cause of a majority of personal bankruptcies, matched only by unpayable medical bills. Consumers should strive to pay cash only, avoiding credit card interest that is generally about 25%. The bottom line: God helps those who help themselves.

Political parties are the bane of the American people and why voter turnout is not much higher than 50%. GOP Chairman Reince Priebus is not doing a good job for supposedly Conservative GOP candidates, and he wants to boycott debates to be carried on CNN and a few other outlets if they do the “I love Hillary” puff pieces.

GOP Presidential candidate debates are a farce, a dog and pony show for “DOGS.” All the faults and shortcomings are exposed for the likes of Obama and Hillary to capitalize on, using the candidates own words against each other as ammunition to destroy them in the real election.

The so-called 47% are not beholden to the GOP that once again will come up a day late and a dollar short. Compounding the problem is the fact that Priebus wants Republicans to be more like Democrats on social issues, i.e. abortion, homosexuality, and gay marriage. If there is no difference between the political parties, what’s the difference? As the French are wont to say as regarding the sexes, “Vive la différence.”

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