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The E-Party

Albert Maslar · Aug. 8, 2013

“Aren’t you sorry you asked…for my opinion” is listed on Amazon, and includes a chapter on “The E-Party…None of the above,” but virtually no one but perhaps a handful bought the book. I did give copies away, but the old adage is “If something is free, it is of no value.” The Tea Party does not respond to my communications, except only asks to buy fax messages to Congress, etc.

My copyright 2002 E-Party idea preceded the Tea Party that came into being February 19, 2009. The idea of the E-Party would work best, not to elect a president, but by capturing sufficient votes to prevent a presidential candidate from collecting sufficient Electoral College votes.

It can be done because it was almost done when Ross Perot ran as a Third Party candidate, and had nearly 25% of the vote lined up, and that would have created a constitutional crisis and the House of Representatives would have had to settle it, but having no precedent or guidelines, would have caused political havoc the likes of which America has never previously seen.

BUT Ross Perot withdrew because I think his family was threatened, and when he chose to reenter the race, his goodwill went down the drain and he lost his credibility, preventing the constitutional crisis from occurring. My E-Party idea could work if it gets the near 50% of non-voters that do not like either candidate, off their seats to cast a dissenting vote.

Republicans will shoot themselves in the foot where their brain is, and will manage to lose the 2016 election anyway. I predicted the Obama re-election 17 months before the 2012 election by one percentage point and detailed where the votes would come from, at a time when GOP wannabes were scrambling to get on the ticket, as the consensus was that ANY GOP nominee would defeat the un-anointed one. As Yogi Berra famously said, “Déjà vu all over again.”

Can things be much different in 2016 with the same old glue-factory horses, including Obama’s friend Chris Christie? My bet and instinct tells me it will take a 100% black man, Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson, to undo damage done by the half asterisk black man currently residing in the White House. Dr. Carson is a retired American neurosurgeon. Among other surgical innovations, at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Carson did pioneering work on the first successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the head.

On the other hand, stranger things have happened during the Obama intransigency, and I feel that Obama will attempt his own form of coup to channel FDR and go for the third, fourth, fifth terms for life as it would be a tremendous sacrifice for him to be One World Order President, and lose his $billions of vacations on his personal Air Force One jet and Michelle’s twin for separate perpetual vacations.

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