The Patriot Post® · 'How to Talk to Muslims'

By Albert Maslar · is promoting a 4-DVD set “The Return Is Near: Strategic Insights into the Most Important Moment in History,” by Joel Richardson, with one of the four dealing with the topic, “Understanding and Reaching Muslims for Jesus.”

Most media and books about Islam miss the point that the Islam problem dates back to Abraham who, at Sarah’s request, fathered Ishmael to Sarah’s slave lady Hagar. Some time after Ishmael’s birth, Abraham’s wife Sarah, though well past childbearing age, as promised by God, gave birth to Isaac. Because Abraham still had a deep love for his first-born son Ishmael, the jealous Sarah imposed on Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away.

The two were sent off in rejection, but later Ishmael married a daughter of Esau, Jacob’s first-born twin son. Esau allowed this marriage in revenge for having lost his first-born inheritance rights to his second-born twin brother Jacob in return for a bowl of stew, seemingly with the tacit approval of the now-blinded Isaac. This marriage of Ishmael, first-born son of Abraham to a daughter of twin-brother Esau, doubled down on genetically making the Arab-Muslims de facto JEWS!!!

God promised Hagar that her son Ishmael, like Isaac, would be the father of many nations, and the similarities are startling. Ishmael fathered twelve princes/rulers that are now referred to as the twelve Imams, mirroring Jacob, renamed Israel, and his Twelve Tribes of Israel. Topping it off, Christianity was founded by Jesus on the backs of his Twelve Apostles.

That intertwining of Ishmael with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – aka Israel, patriarchs of the Jewish nation – may help explain the hatred of Muslims for Jews, as there is no fight as ugly as a family fight, ala the much later Hatfield and McCoy feud. As police well know, police interfering in a family fight are most likely to be hurt in the process of protecting combatants that cannot be protected from themselves, their own worst enemy.

Lucifer was the brightest angel in Heaven and always wanted to be god, but his rebellion caused removal from Heaven along with a third of his followers. Genesis narrates the events and temptations of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel under the guise of a snake, supposedly the most beautiful of animals before itself being cursed for allowing occupancy by Lucifer, resulting in the ejection of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Lucifer surfaced later, tempting Jesus three times but failed to get Jesus to worship him in return for all the kingdoms of the world. About 550 years later, Lucifer, disguised as the Angel Gabriel, appeared to Muhammad whose fallen humanity bought into the promises of Satan, Lucifer, Allah – three in one, all the same, just as the Holy Trinity. In addition to being the father of lies, Satan is a copycat as well, with his Qur'an mirroring the Bible, but masking the lies with many truths, else his 100% lies would be quickly dismissed.

Satan is the father of lies and this one was the lie to Muhammad beat all, and the resulting 57 Muslim countries are now threatening Israel and the US, as well as Christianity itself. The WMD DVD promotion teaches how to talk to Muslims, but forgotten is Muslims who do all the talking and no listening, certainly not listening to Christian reason.

Does the advertised DVD set consider the genesis of the deep-seated roots and hatred of Jews built into Islam beliefs? Liberal America hates Christianity but gives Islam and Muslims a pass, further proof that Christianity must be true, if it so upsets the Liberal World, that they would rather be under the bondage of Satan than live with freedom and salvation earned by the Christ nailed to the Cross to save all from the effects of sin. Could these accommodating Liberals be so protective of Islam because Muhammad himself was guilty of perversion? As the saying goes, “The innocent will be punished,” and the most historic case was that of the blameless Jesus God who was punished for the sins of all humanity.

Americans have the Constitutional right to “Freedom of religion,” and we should give a tip of the hat low to honor the right of President Obama to celebrate his Islamic Muslim religion in his own home, “The White House” (sarcasm intended). Obama’s Ramadan remarks included honorable mention of the same Islam responsible for the two 9/11 attacks on America in 2001 and 2012. Obama’s Ramadan remarks include: “Islam has contributed to the character of US…Muslim Americans and their good works have helped to build our nation.”

Just to be fair and honest, an oxymoron describing the anointed one, Obama discriminating against Jesus and Christians, should publicly declare rejection of his conversion to Christianity by Pastor Jeremiah Wright who infamously cursed America, for all to see and hear. Presidential candidate Obama prided himself for having been baptized by Pastor Wright, giving credence to Obama having inherited his Muslim heritage from his Muslim father and stepfather, as stipulated by Islamic law, father to son.

A final question is whether Secretary of State John Kerry will order the 4-DVD set so that he will know how to talk to the Hamas-driven Palestinians in the certain to fail “peace talks.” The only peace with Israel acceptable to the Arab-Muslim World is the complete annihilation of Israel. The only talk Islam might understand is the cutting off of all American aid, funding, and dollars from purchase of their tainted oil.