Grassroots Commentary

The Worst Is Yet to Come

Anton D. Rehling · Aug. 15, 2013

I am not looking forward to the day they come for my health care insurance premium. I will not be coerced by an out of control bureaucracy to buy something I do not need nor want. It is my life to manage as I see fit. I do not need a bureaucrat deciding what is best for me and then exempting themselves from the rules they created for me and for the good of the collective. This constitutional Republic is for the protection of our freedom and rights and our elected were put in power to protect same, not to transform us into a socialist totalitarian tyranny that passes laws we must follow but exempts themselves from or issues waivers for themselves and supporting friends and companies.

The fact is that I am an outspoken conservative who also has two pro-freedom websites up and comment daily on The Patriot Post about my positions on tyrannical government actions that are contrary to a free society. I am sure that everything I write and all websites I visit are tracked by our representative elected government and their agencies.

I have a new high speed computer and have a fast as greased lightning processor but I have lately been experiencing problems with the ability to navigate the web with being frozen in websites, my processing being slowed and being forced to close some sites to move on. I am not a cherry using computers and my hardware and software is in perfect working order and so is my Virus program and shield. Moral of this is I am sure I am being tracked and under surveillance and I do not doubt for a second that if our tyrannical government can construct a reason to begin an assault on me from my statements like, I will not participate in Obama care etc., they will. I don’t think I am being paranoid on the matter.

I expect the IRS or State department of Revenue to want to audit my books again as both have done so in the last 1 ½ years and found nothing … yet.

I will count myself as blessed if I am able to survive for the next three years without having to experience the brute force of our growing governmental socialist totalitarian tyranny. I will not capitulate to tyranny and live as a total slave. I say total slave as I like many others of like-minded patriots have watched and done little to stop the encroachment and erosion of my freedom and rights and we are experiencing slavery with oppressive taxes, regulation and miles of bureaucratic red tape. For crying out loud they want me to purchase a permit to clear brush off land I own, I need government approval to do anything and am taxed for everything and that is just the tip of the mountain of crap our government wants to and does feed us.

It's Right. It's Free.