The Patriot Post® · Immigration Cannot Be Reformed

By Albert Maslar ·

Immigration cannot be reformed because first Congress must be reformed, which, judging by Speaker Boehner and his corrupting indoctrination of the newest members, won’t happen because Boehner is a total coward who does not understand his power of the purse on spending and debt extension. Boehner has the winning cards but funded ObamaCare when he could have nipped it in the bud by not funding it in the first place. 

Boehner’s statement on why he goes along with Obama, “I want to live to fight another day” – which in his parlance is when the GOP controls the House, Senate, and Presidency – ain’t going to happen. Any fool can win that stacked fight, but the GOP would manage to lose that un-loseable fight as well. The GOP (Gone Ole Party) is dead in the water but does not have the sense to sink into permanent oblivion where it belongs.

Consider the GOP presidential wannabes now headed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, best buddy of Obama, who’s willing to implement Liberal social issues into the GOP platform, making it OFFICIALLY part of the One-party Two-Party System. If there is no difference, and Obama is dictator, why don’t Americans just “Eat, Drink, and be Merry, for tomorrow we die”? (Unless they’re already dead but on life support without a living will.)

Then there is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the petty dictator who has not passed a constitutionally mandated budget for now the fifth year in a row, and the question is why that is not impeachable. After Congress there is POTUS and SCOTUS, not to mention FLOTUS, along with the less than supreme Supreme Court that deemed ObamaCare fees to be taxes; and if that is so, how can Obama not be impeached for granting exemptions and exceptions to a tax that is supposed to apply equally to all citizens? Political favoritism in that case is not constitutional. 

How can immigration be fixed if the whole fabric of the Constitution has been torn, tattered, shredded, and “transformed” by the Muslim Obama in the White House?

Fix immigration? If it were not so tragic Americans could all die from laughter. NOTHING can or will be fixed, except for the worse. The US Titanic is slowly sinking but the band keeps playing and the Fed keeps printing, while the Middle East is a volcano that never ceases to erupt. But the US thinks it can democratize the Muslim World that carries out the will of the Qur'an to spread Islam by force and the sword.

There are 1.5 billion Muslims, each dedicated to the destruction of the US that constantly helps Muslims financially and militarily to achieve their goal. Pass immigration reform? What’s the difference? The game is over but only the final score remains to be determined. If this game were subject to the Little League World Series 10-0 rule, the game would already have been declared over. 

What a bunch of losers we are. Why would illegal immigrants want to come to the US in the first place? Maybe the American remnant should find someplace in which to emigrate, and then not worry about unlimited immigration into the Divided States of America. Colonists came to America to escape oppressive taxes and now we have much more oppressive taxes coupled with the oppressive dictatorial rule of the “Commandeer” in-Chief, who himself may very well be the ultimate illegal immigrant.