The Patriot Post® · Syria, Libya & Egypt Preemptive Wars Doomed to Failure

By Albert Maslar ·

Pressure is increasing for US intervention in Syria, with or without the UN. Unbridled violence and revolution are at the core of Middle East activity, but there are too many unanswered questions.

Why must the US be guided by the infamous UN that is dominated by human rights violators? The UN has already imposed its will, again postponing the date of US withdrawal from Afghanistan until 2015. Why should America submit (meaning of the word ‘Islam’) to the UN in determining where, when, or if there will be US military action, and if so, the extent of involvement?

Why must the US have a knee-jerk reaction to every hiccup in the vast Middle East to whatever the usual suspects demand? Russia and China oppose any US intervention in Syria while America’s European allies push Obama to attack, calling for Western powers to circumvent the UN as was done in Libya to depose that country’s former government.

Oh yes, that proved to be a magnificent success, resulting in the still unresolved 9/11/2012 covered-up attack in Benghazi that destroyed the US embassy that killed the US Ambassador and three other Americans. What did the EU Western Powers do to get to that point but egg on Obama who illegally did not bother to get Congressional authorization for his act of war in Libya beyond the thirty-day “trial period?"

The EU has two and one-half times the US population but demands wars to be waged by proxy with only the US military at risk along with unlimited monetary resources. Brave souls those Europeans who will direct any war they do not participate in, though, in this case, Libya and Syria are more vital to EU interests than American.

What evidence is there that President Barack Obama can or will make the right decision? Obama started his first term by visiting Cairo and apologizing for the US. Then Obama spearheaded the ouster of evil dictator Hosni Mubarak which virtually guaranteed the Muslim Brotherhood would take over after the democratic elections.

Newly elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi took less than one year to revert back to what Middle East leaders do, and shredded Egypt’s new Constitutions and DICTATE, making the previous bad situation worse. A classic case of "Push came to shove,” in spades.

So the Egyptian military again stepped in and deposed Morsi, resulting in a new bloody uprising in which the innocent Coptic Christians are being punished with persecution and burning of Coptic churches. Islamist mobs torched Christian schools and businesses going so far as to parade captive nuns through the streets. But President Obama turned his blind eye away from Egypt’s human rights infractions, de facto approving the persecution of Christians. Is that an omen of what Obama would consider to be tolerable in the US?

True to form, Senator Lindsey Graham, another willing war hawk, joined war hero Senator John McCain, who never saw a war he did not condone, in demanding Obama to strike Syria immediately. The Middle East Muslim region has warred since Islam founder prophet Muhammad incited unending war, terror, and violence, now approaching 1,500 years. But McCain and Lindsey are evidently blind to history and want to jump head first into the raging inferno.

UN inspectors are under fire while in Syria to investigate evidence of an apparent large-scale chemical weapons attack, evidence of which is rapidly fading from the scene. The longer it takes UN experts to get to the spot where rockets carrying nerve agents are said to have killed hundreds of people on August 21, the more difficult it will be to find meaningful remnants of chemical weapons.

Western powers are considering military strikes against the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad if the UN concludes that Assad used gas-laden rockets in an escalation of the country’s two-and-half-year civil war. Can either side be believed? The rebels themselves are accused of using chemical weapons to draw the US and EU into the fray.

Preemptive wars have failed every time no matter who the president is, but the self-anointed one presumes to be able to settle Syria, Libya, Egypt, and a half dozen other players. Preemptive wars with the Arab Muslim World are doomed to failure as they can never end as long as any of the 1.5 billion Muslims are able to shout “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the Greatest).

America has lost its way; it is no longer the beacon of freedom and cannot be depended upon to make wise decisions as the US continues its failure to succeed in simple Constitutional requirements concerning the budget and illegal immigration. Congress has not passed an annual budget for now the fourth year in a row, dating back to April 29, 2009.

Failure to protect its own porous four-state Mexican border that is the super highway for illegal immigration of twelve million, but perhaps closer to thirty million, dates back to at least 1986 with the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA).

Audacity is not restricted to Obama’s 2006 book, “The Audacity of Hope.” The US is unable or unwilling to solve its own relatively minor problems compared to the gravity of worldwide terrorist turmoil, war, and violence. President Obama has the audacity to presume to know how to solve the 1500-year Islamic history of violence and war, problems that by now are deeply ingrained into the DNA of the 57 Muslim nations of the world. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, unless that is the original intent.