The Patriot Post® · US Risks Middle East War to Save Muslims, but Not Christians

By Albert Maslar ·

News out of Syria seems to indicate that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people. That has Obama outraged as he threatens military action against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad. Russia has warned the US not to use military force against the Assad regime while Iran threatens all-out war.

America cannot be the world’s police, so why is Obama ready to risk escalating war in the Middle East to protect Muslims from Muslims who want to destroy America, but will not acknowledge or help thousands of Christians under attack in the Libya, Egypt, Syria, and North Africa?

The consensus is that America should attack Syria WITH the UN’s blessing? Since when is America the UN pawn? Been there, done that. Just check Bush II’s Shock and Awe that is still Shock and Aweing the US, which failed despite preliminary bombing of Afghanistan airports, military installations, radar, etc, and now in its 11th year with over 6,000 dead in the military and up to 50,000 seriously injured. There is no end in sight despite about $6 trillion added to the national debt.

But the good-hearted UN is dictating America’s military response and to top it off, Obama threatens to give Syria a ‘spanking’ for maybe gassing its own people. This charge is nebulous as there is word that rebels used false flags and set off chemical devices themselves.

Syrian use of chemical weapons on its own people incites outrage by Obama who announced his military response to the world that he will ‘spank’ Bashar al-Assad, but not attempt to kill him. Russia warned against any military force against the Assad regime, while Iran, as usual, threatens all-out war if the US strikes … or not.

It is not beyond the pale to believe that Syrian rebels used illegal nerve gas to incite and draw the US into a war designed to destroy America. War on the part of OPEC is designed to drive up the price of oil that now hovers around $110 per barrel. Islam is the enemy of the US that actually funds and fights to defend its own worst enemy.

Where is Ron Paul when he is needed? Ron Paul and Senator John McCain are diametrically opposed as war hawk McCain bullies for an all-out strike against Syria.

Can truth ever come out of the Arab Middle East OPEC World? For that matter, can truth ever come out of Washington, D.C., that has yet to utter the word “LIE” even when it is indisputably so? Satan is the father of lies and has legions of followers worldwide. The path to hell is paved with lies and politicians are the principles prodding the not quite suspecting public down the primrose path.

President Obama not only leads from behind, but telegraphs his war plans to Syria, that he will give Assad a symbolic spanking. An old boss used to say, “Right or wrong, make a decision.” Obama decided to go on another campaign tour though he has been reelected to the presidency, supposedly the Constitutional limit.

UN investigators are attempting to determine if chemical weapons were used or not, and whether rebel forces used chemical weapons in an attempt to lure the US into attacking Assad. Chemical deaths are estimated to be up to two thousand. At any rate, the US cannot police the world’s 57 Muslim nations. The presumption must be that Muslims are allowed to lie to advance their perceived just cause, and in this case perhaps the Assad regime and the disparate rebels have ample cause to lie.

Why is Obama, like other presidents before him, ready to directly involve America in war of Muslims against Muslims who hate the US and want to destroy America? The conundrum is that Obama persecutes US Christians as he attempts to force them to act against their core-religious beliefs, while he totally ignores the plight of thousands of Christians under attack in the Egypt, Libya, Syria, and North Africa.

Hundreds of Christians in the Middle East have been beaten, murdered, burned, raped, while their homes, churches, and businesses were burned and destroyed. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood supporters have attacked and burned at least 63 Christian churches since his removal from office by the Military. White House silence continues to be deafening as Obama is more concerned about his coulda been trouble-maker son Trayvon.

It is typical of Islamic martyrs who will kill themselves to win a point and maybe receive a go at the 72 non-existent virgins. Obama is concerned about Muslims being killed by their own Muslim leader, but shows no concern for the burning and destruction of Christian churches, and the rapes, killing, and torture of Christians. As the Bible states, you can tell a bad tree by its fruit and Obama’s fruits are bad to the core. Question is why Obama should be trusted in any decision he makes as his track record means he should avoid even the $2 betting window in a one-horse race.

On the racism front of the day, President Obama is dead wrong when he boldly asserts that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would be on his side. The same mistake is made when politicians and winning athletes loudly proclaim that God is on their side. NO. God is not on any side but all must be on God’s side – big difference.

MLK PRECEDED Obama who was NEVER involved with the MLK Civil Rights movement. The question should be, “Is Obama on the side of MLK?” Me thinks not.