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R.M. 'Zeb' Zobenica · Sep. 3, 2013

Are there any ‘good guys’ in Syria? Any? They’re all Muslims who, given the chance, would slit our throats and put it on YouTube.

There are no ‘sides to take’ in this 'Muslim circle jerk’. We’ve got only one ally in the region – Israel. Period. Case closed. (Turkey no longer passes muster.)

Syria is collapsing into a perpetual war zone and becoming another Lebanon or Somalia. So what? How does that threaten us? It just makes it harder for Iran to transship arms to their proxies. And why give them an excuse to start lobbing crap into the ‘Little Satan’ next door?

War is destabilizing and sucks the vitality out of a society, any society, and sends money down a ‘black hole’. Weakening the Middle Eastern dictatorships is not an entirely bad thing. It’s hard to project power after creating your own pile of national rubble. Cruise missiles into a few Syrian airfields and telecom facilities won’t tip the balance – and won’t win us any ‘thanks’.

As for humanitarian aid, R2P (Responsibility to Protect), sorry. Since when do Arab Muslims care about killing? They keep insisting that they ‘love death’ more than we infidels ‘love life’. Let’s take them at their word. It’s evident they don’t give a darn about Syrian children. They are treating them the same way pet owners treat fleas. Why should we wring our hands? Want to be helpful? Send atropine.

These are Islamic political and theocratic totalitarians duking it out. Let them bloody themselves till Hell freezes over.

Our experiment in creating an Arab Islamic ‘democracy’ (Iraq) was tried and appears to be failing.

Islam and liberty just aren’t ‘made for each other’.

Now, let’s get ‘fracking’ – full bore.

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