The Patriot Post® · Obama Disrespects Presidential Desk

By Albert Maslar ·

A photograph by White House photographer Pete Souza shows President Obama talking on the phone with Speaker of the House John Boehner on Saturday, August 31. Obama, with his foot planted arrogantly and disrespectfully on the presidential desk, phone in left hand, and right hand pointing as in the image of a gun, is an action that would get him thrown out of a kindergarten class; and yes, it has happened more than once.

President Barack Obama never ceases to amaze as he is in domineering mode as he plants his boot disrespectfully on the presidential desk, just as he has disrespectfully put his boot to the throat of non-working Americans, denying them jobs – as he does when blocking job-creating projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline – and forcing the unemployed and under-employed to depend only on largesse of the Obama government.

What can America expect from this man who continually shows his arrogance and disrespect for America, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Congress, Supreme Court, Freedoms of the Press, Religion, and right to bear arms?

Can this man be trusted as Commander-in-Chief to make the right decision to attack Syria, when all he has done internationally is fail in Egypt, Libya, Syria, North Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, and even Pakistan? It is notable that Obama makes Middle East decisions that favor the Muslim Brotherhood – enemies of their people, Israel, and the US.

The man is a walking talking Joe Btfsplk, a character in the satirical comic strip Li'l Abner by cartoonist Al Capp. Joe Btfsplk is well-meaning, but is the world’s worst jinx, as a dark cloud follows him wherever he goes. Many a truth is spoken in jest and Al Capp is right on target.