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Guerillas in America

Anton D. Rehling · Sep. 9, 2013

In the not too distant future I expect the arrival of jack booted thugs at my home posing as Law enforcement personnel that are here to defend and protect because of my opinion that our collection of elected bureaucrats are not friends of Liberty, but rather enemies of those that elected them. Those elected that fail to honor their oath to defend and protect our Constitutionally protected rights need to be recognized for who they are. The sad part of the situation with our local, state and federal government is they have forgotten their role in a free nation. Our governments no longer represent us in protecting our individual freedom and rights; our elected and their appointed bureaucrats have become our overlords to guide us, regulate and control us through laws created by them to direct our lives in a way that they alone will determine is correct. In a sense they have taken a role of a god that will determine the activities of our existence. Our law enforcement agencies have also forgotten their role and no longer work to stop the criminal but have evolved into the enforcement arm of tyrannical Lawmakers; government lawmaking and regulation has made just about everything moral, religious or promotes individual liberty illegal. We can make no decisions about our lives or property without the permission of our elected bureaucrats and their minion; if you do, you face the brute force of the government law enforcement agencies that today are armed and equipped like military infantry.

The first sentence of this article brings up the issue of “to defend and Protect.” Who? It is becoming more apparent daily that our Government and Law Enforcement are no longer in the business to defend and protect the citizens of this once free Republic but instead work to defend and protect the elected, turned despots, that do not view themselves as representatives of the people but instead view themselves as Lawmakers, which is just another way to say they are regulation creators to control and subjugate those they were elected to represent. Lawmakers of the past were labeled Dictators, Emperors, Kings, Queens, Warlords and a multitude of descriptive words that represent totalitarian control of all within their domain.

Our government, at all levels, spend our present and future tax dollars worse than drunken sailors on leave. Drunken sailors only spend money they have, our elected bureaucrats spend money they do not have and cannot expect to have or be paid by collected taxes and fees by this generation of tax payers or the next several generation of tax payers, building a public debt that is a huge, outrage and nothing short of criminal that our self-proclaimed Lawmakers are committing on a daily basis. How can they justify such poor fiscal behavior? If any citizen conducted their finances in the same way they would be bankrupt and the IRS would be seizing all their bank accounts and property or putting liens on future earnings and possessions. When will we have had enough?

We have arrived at a cross roads in the history of our nation, a cross roads that will lead us down the path of totalitarian tyranny ruled by despots or down the road to the full restoration of our Free Republic.

To take the path of Tyrannical rule we need to do nothing now but submit. Our country is full of those people who really have no clue what total loss of liberty means to them and submission to rule of any authority is ingrained into their DNA. Those sheep will never fight for anything unless conscripted and they, like good little drones, will submit to anything demanded of any leader occupying the leader ship slot as they find making life decisions without guidance from government impossible. Freedom or slavery, it is all the same to them.

Once we have submitted to tyranny the path away from it would be almost impossible to reverse. Today we are almost to the point of no return. The freedom we once enjoyed is being reduced daily and the product of that will be slaves to despots.

The other path is freedom restored; to fight with pen and voice and action to sway others to recognize the increasing encroachment on what made this country a place where the population of the world endured almost any struggle to get here as fast as they could.

At this point rhetoric by voice and pen seem to be the equivalent of spitting into the wind. The lawmakers in our government are ignoring our pleas of limited government restored in support of individual liberty and rights. The choices left to those who are not slaves nor have the attitude that will allow tyrannical rule over their lives have been eliminated. Let’s call it like it is: We are at the end of the road; we can either go into the twilight of freedom and the darkness of slavery, or we enter into the sunshine of Liberty.

Do not get me wrong: At this point the turn toward Liberty will not be sunshine and roses as those who are building barriers to freedom will not go away without a fight. Power is currently organized and consolidated in the hands of those tyrannical Lawmakers and their supporters. Turning toward Liberty at this point will criminalize you and make you a target of the force of government as they need to stop resistance to their planned totalitarian rule. The tyrannical lawmakers cannot allow any substantial opposition and will quickly and quietly snuff out opposition where it appears to be a threat. There are many recent occurrences buried by government and the media as not to attract attention to government malfeasance.

Back to the title of this article, Guerillas in America.

No, I am not speaking about the zoo variety – although we are being ruled by a bunch of monkeys that should be in a zoo instead of our government. In using the term guerillas I am referring to those individuals who have the bravery to stand against tyrannical rule; those who value freedom, who are not sheep. In the situation that has developed in America today there is no longer protectors of our freedom in our so-called representative government.

The responsibility to protect our Liberty must and will be borne by those of us who won’t shy away from any risk to avoid a life of government servitude as subjects of tyranny for themselves, family and posterity. The new American guerillas cannot sit by while Liberty is being stolen by tyrannical bureaucrats. The American Guerilla is a product of the self-proclaimed Lawmakers; we put those people in office to represent us as representatives, senators etc.

Back to the cross roads, this nation has arrived; many will do nothing to protect the freedom they have and will just take whatever they are given by the benevolence of government. Life to them is nothing more than existence and the ability to entertain themselves and grow old to and expect to be taken care of by government social insecurity. Those compliant slaves (and they have no idea they are slaves) are diametrically opposed to those that love and embrace Liberty and individual responsibility. Freemen do not need the intrusion or guidance of a central authority and wish to live in a society that supports and protect a freedom from government tyrannical intrusion. The compliant slave will live in any society they are placed into. They are the drones, and they are neither hot nor cold and cannot be depended upon to preserve freedom.

It's Right. It's Free.