The Patriot Post® · Infiltrate, Deceive and Conquer

By Anton D. Rehling ·

The freedom the United States of American was founded upon – the concept of individual liberty since its conception – has been under attack by anti-freedom forces since. There have been wars fought to end the experiment of individual freedom and limited government and many have made the ultimate sacrifice.

I have read many opinions and authored a few of my own on the coming armed revolution to restore the foundation of freedom and rights, to restore the limited government that enables a free society. But, we have ignored one way that may accomplish the goals of freedom loving peoples without the use of armed force as the means of restoration. That being said, armed restoration must remain on the table.

I am not speaking about writing opinions, putting into office people who will work to restore our liberty – although the elected in our government play an important role; our elected only play a part. What needs to be done is to expose those subversive forces that have worked to transform our freedom into a collective socialist totalitarian tyranny – a socialistic tyrannical system where there is no freedom based upon the natural rights of man, the rights and freedoms granted by the supreme power of the universe.

There is an avenue that has not been consciously pursued; the avenue of infiltration and deception, the same venue used by those who have compromised the system that supports individual rights and freedom.

All that would fight and sacrifice their lives as millions before us have done to preserve liberty need to become members of a secret society, one of infiltrators, secret agents of liberty, deceiving the enemies of freedom by appearing to be one of them, getting inside, gathering inside information, gathering evidence to expose the agenda of those who work diligently to enslave the free people of the United States of America by robing us of liberty and limited government. The secret agents of liberty need to acquire documented information that, when brought to the light of day, will open the eyes of those who slumber while freedom is lost.

This will be difficult as you will have to appear to be one of them. It may not be easier to do than pick up arms and begin an insurgency to defeat those in entrenched positions of tyrannical power. I think this will provide us a venue to do something besides sacrifice our lives with lone wolf armed action against the tyranny we face. With that being said Lone wolf action cannot be ultimately ruled out.

When a person joins the Military they write a blank check to Uncle Sam which includes their life. Let’s write that same blank check to our posterity and begin an assault on those enemies of freedom through the use of the same tactics of infiltration and deceit that the enemies of freedom have used successfully to compromise the freedom and rights enjoyed in years past. This cannot be a centrally controlled or an easily identified effort; this must begin as a lone wolf commitment to infiltrate, deceive and conquer to restore as to leave no one that can expose your operation through knowledge of your effort.

Information gathered would have to be exposed to the light of day in such a way as not to compromise the secret agents of liberty. We need to infiltrate local, state and national democrat party organizations, obtain elected office by deceiving those who have been brainwashed into accepting the alternative to freedom by gathering their votes and, once in office, work to gather information that would shine light of the anti-freedom agenda to the American people.

Become educators to work within to restore belief in true Liberty and God given rights. The struggle will be long as has been the struggle to compromise liberty, but the end result will be worth the effort for you, your children and their following generations.

I am not suggesting that any option be off the table because armed force has it place when all else fails, but let us all begin with the infiltration of the enemy within.