The Patriot Post® · Putin: An In-Your-Face-Disgrace

By Albert Maslar ·

Russian president Vladimir Putin was a presumed pawn in the palm of unequaled master politician Barack Obama. Putin used the prestigious liberal New York Times to publish his letter cementing his policy for the World toward Syria. That guest editorial defused the war rhetoric of Syrian President Bashar Assad and Obama’s trigger-happy war-hawks who were reduced to status of pretenders, lemmings, and walk-ons on the world stage of the really big boys.

Playground roundball “In-Your-Face-Disgrace” has gone summa cum laude in favor of Putin who stuck it to Obama and his puppets State Secretary John Kerry and wannabe presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. This infamous trio was made to look like pawns on a chess board filled with Putin Kings and Queens. In tennis vernacular, the US trio was made to look like ball-boys and girls.

Putin did one other thing that US politicians avoid like the plague – calling someone a “Liar.” But that is exactly what Putin called Kerry. That accusation created a flood of silence from the Obama camp.

From halfway around the world, Putin stuck the Obama “pinprick” big war talk with his own little pinprick, printed words in the world famous Gray Lady NY Times – not weapons, but words that reverberated round the world, as the air gushed out of Obama’s deflated balloon. Putin did not even have to show up to win this obviously one-sided battle. Perhaps Obama’s dream of being the anointed leader of the world was in one fell swoop reduced to servitude requiring only a polite “Yes Suh” to the bidding of his KGB master. Slavery returns in an ironic way.

Harvard’s prime graduate did not achieve “cum laude” honors except he was “loud” and carried an invisible stick, unlike Teddy Roosevelt who immortalized “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

Obama was touted as Putin’s superior, and prior to the 2012 presidential election, Obama was heard by an open mike making an off-the-cuff remark to Putin, paraphrased as follows: “After the election I will have more flexibility.” The irony is that Putin always had that power and did it without the Obama podium with its usual teleprompter. Putin also did it in absentia on Obama’s home turf in the Big Apple. Assad laughed to his heart’s delight at the quandary of America’s greatest politician, perhaps a close second to impeached President Bill Clinton.

Obama has his defenders who basically chime in unison a refrain voiced by a former Pentagon chief, “We have to understand that President Putin should be the last person to lecture the US about our human values and our human rights and what we stand for.” Left unsaid was the usual absence of the definition of US human values that exclude Constitutional rights guaranteeing Freedoms of the Press, Religion, and Speech. DETAILS!

Obama now has the frustration of seeing Patriot/Traitor Edward Snowden hidden openly in Russia that refuses requests for extradition. Snowden is rubbed in Obama’s face, and now Obama has his own self rubbed in his own face. Obama has gone down the Labyrinthine Ways but was greeted by Putin, the last person in the world he wanted to save his brash trash-talking asterisk.