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Democrats' Disgrace

Larry Reams · Sep. 23, 2013

An Open Letter to Select Members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Sent to each Representative.

Last week I witnessed a new low from elected representatives in Congress, specifically from Democrats. Just before the family members of those slain in Benghazi were to testify, the Democrats on the Oversight Committee walked out of the committee room. Your disgraceful actions speaks volumes as to the lack of integrity, character, and honor collectively by the whole group. Reprobates, one and all.

The message you sent to those testifying, and to our nation, was that the death of their family members was insignificant and of no consequence. Your time was more valuable than their testimony or the lives of their family members. You were rude, disrespectful, and arrogant, and by your actions, you disgraced yourselves, the committee, the Congress and America. That seems to be the modern day standard of the brand called Democrats.

When the “red phone” rang in the White House back on September 11, 2012, both the President and the Secretary of State were AWOL. The so called “leadership” failed our country and those four heroes who were far better men that day than are any of you, the President or the Secretary. Never in the history of America, since 1776, has the Commander In Chief been so negligent and callous in coming to the aid of his own representatives that he put into harm’s way. And never in the history of our nation has there been so obvious a cover-up of such an abysmal failure of leadership and dereliction of duty. To treat the victim’s families as you did Friday is beyond the pale. It makes it even more obvious that this administration is corrupt to the core and the Democrats in Congress are void of dignity, decency, respect, honor and humanity.

Would that when your life ends and your farewell ceremony begins, the audience walks out on your remains. It’s of no consequence.

Larry Reams

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