The Patriot Post® · Spending, Deficit, & ObamaCare Problems

By Albert Maslar ·

The spending fight continues after a 21 hour lull occupied by Senator Ted Cruz and his misnamed filibuster ending at midday 9/26, and without out a pause, grace, or good manners, the scowling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid disparagingly called the effort of Senator Cruz a “big waste of time.” Reid also arrogantly stated that “Anybody who wants to shut down the government is an anarchist,” while also saying, “Tea Party hatred of government is both dangerous and unpatriotic.”

Reid immediately pushed toward a vote by week’s end on an as little as a week or two stopgap spending measure he would shift back to Boehner and House Republicans. And then the dented national debt limit can comes into play once again.

The MSM during and after the Cruz talkathon mocked Senator Ted Cruz for his “bizarre long-winded protest” against funding ObamaCare, as opposed to their glorification of Wendy Davis who temporarily blocked an abortion issue before the Texas legislature, featuring an 11 hour filibuster.

Many Republican “Go-Along-To-Get-Along” gang-members have attacked Ted Cruz for his filibuster efforts. Republican detractors have sent Cruz opposition research materials to the liberal media to smear Senator Cruz.

If government does “shutdown,” a misnomer, as it merely goes from paycheck to paycheck (64% of current monthly revenue to carry expenses), like much of America today, non-essential government staffers would face fictitious lost pay. During the “shutdown” in the mid-1990s, furloughed staffers received back pay, though there is no formal guarantee that it will happen this time.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew moaned that there is less than a month of room to maneuver before the current debt limit near $17 trillion is reached, dropping this bomb soon to follow the Continuing Resolution crisis needing to be resolved first. Can an ever growing deficit ever not become a bursting bubble especially in light of a relatively static economy along with malignant unemployment, particularly in the cities?

Americans are familiar with various clichés as exemplified by “There is free lunch.” Europe is an example as a handful of countries are in virtual collapse from excesses of the welfare state but the US is determined to follow that massive failure with its very own.

Procrastinators can never catch up because there is always one more thing in addition to revisiting and correcting the cancerous past, but how can Congress correct an unreadable 15,000 pages of ObamaCare and its accompanying mind-boggling often conflicting regulations that even government and the revered Nancy Pelosi have yet to find out, though Pelosi engineered passage with her comment, “We have to pass it to find out what is in it.”

With the coming threat of shutdown, slowdown, cutback, whatever word works or not, aides will be labeled into essential and non-essential, and furloughed non-essential may have to surrender their electronic toys if there is a government shutdown.

Since Barack Obama came into office, the debt limit has been raised seven times, adding $43,000 in debt for every American household in the last four years. As President Harry Truman is famous for saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” so as usual, in the face of crisis or scandal, Obama skips town, this time to the UN on 9/24 where he said, “The old order has ended” – so does that mean Obama is leading the US into the New World Order?

Obama on TV 9/26 began his stringent tirade with, “We can solve this problem…IF…” Fill in the rest to heart’s content. Obama speeches are like what some say about the Bible, “You can prove or disprove anything from the Bible,” and so it is for sure with ObamaTalk, as no matter what his error, shortcoming, or misdirection, it is always the fault of his predecessor or the GOP while it was the Democratic controlled Senate that has not passed a budget for now going into five years.

All should personally take solace and be glad to hear that because it exonerates personal faults and responsibility, though not able to blame Bush I or II, it doesn’t matter, because there can be relief in that our individual perceived faults are due to Adam and Eve, the ultimate  predecessors who ate the forbidden fruit.