The Patriot Post® · America Punished for Fighting ObaMALCare

By Albert Maslar ·

The Divided States of America is in a slowdown, wrongly described as a shutdown, giving “Precedent” Barack Obama license to show his vindictive, hateful, mean-spirited, malicious, disrespectful, disparaging colors and display his bitter attitudes toward the citizens of what he claims is his country, not unlike third world dictators. As Dictator Obama, the US would be HIS country.

Obama makes every attempt to punish the people, even those not opposed to his ObaMALCare, by shutting down cost-free operations like landmarks, cemeteries, and open-air facilities that cost NOTHING to remain open, but Obama spent money to blockade them. Despite that, brave volunteer members of America’s Armed Forces continue to answer the call of duty.

President Obama shamefully uses the partial government slowdown as an excuse to once again attack the First Amendment Freedom of Religion for the Military by forbidding contracted Christian military chaplains from VOLUNTARILY performing religious practices on base during the government spending impasse, going so far as threatening ‘offending’ chaplains with arrest. If that is a valid point, all Military around the world should be precluded from performing their non-religious defense duties as well.

Priests face arrest for celebrating Mass in defiance of the shutdown. Obama is denying Church-mandated Sunday services, so how is that any different from persecution? These anti First Amendment religious actions of the president are illegal and impeachable; the malicious denial of rights guaranteed under the First Amendment, and that cost the government nothing.

President Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool terrorist for those anti-religious commands, but that should be no shock as he also mandated abortion on demand to be paid for by religious objectors based on the valid dictates of their faith and conscience.

This is the same man who as Illinois State Senator, voted to deny medical assistance to a living baby that survived abortion, because abortion was the initial intent. The baby was alive but the man voted in favor of murder!

This by the same man who refused to honor the National Day of Prayer, but has declared the month of November to be (Islam) Muslim Appreciation Month (IMAM).

Appreciation for 19 Muslim terrorists who died in the four planes they hijacked on 9/11/2001 while killing 3,000 innocent Americans in the Twin Towers of NY City, the Pentagon, and the heroic passengers that brought down a fourth plane in a Pennsylvania field, possibly saving Congress and the White House.

Appreciation for Major Nadal Hassan who assassinated 13 of his Fort Hood fellow soldiers while shouting the Muslim chant “Allahu Akbar, Allah is great,” but the anointed one defined it as “Workplace” violence.

Appreciation for the terrorist Muslim brothers that created mayhem at their Boston Marathon massacre.

This Muslim Appreciation Month Man is the same man who said “The Muslim call to prayer is the sweetest sound I have ever heard."  The same man who in an address he gave at the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 25, 2012 (AP), "The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam."  The same man who celebrated the Islam Ramadan in the White House with anti-American Muslim officials as guests. The same man who claims to be Christian but never ceases to penalize Christianity at every opportunity.

Can someone give this man a heavy dose of cannabis and have him sign a power of attorney to change his name to "BUSH,” and just maybe, that might be enough to get public opinion against him for impeachment or jail for his refusal to abide by the Constitution. As a matter of fact, Obama acts as judge, jury, and executioner, as he usurps the powers of the Legislature and Supreme Court while abusing the powers of the Executive Branch.

This is the same man who initiates talks with Iran, proponent of Islamic Shariah Law, sponsor of world terrorism, and perhaps the greatest nuclear threat to Israel and the US. Obama refuses to talk to or negotiate with Republicans in the House of Representatives about solutions to the fiscal problems facing the US, and will accept nothing less than total capitulation, his definition of compromise. All of Obama’s negotiations are on the bully pulpit as he demagogues his lemmings into submission or surrender, coincidentally, the exact meaning of the word “Islam.”

Obama negotiates with Iran over a nuclear bomb and with Syria over chemical weapons, but refuses to negotiate with Republicans in Congress over ObamaCare. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is his shield in the Senate who has gone so far as to say, “Why should I do that,” in reference to not voting on individual spending bills, one of which helps children with cancer.

None of this absolves GOP House Speaker John Boehner from his direct contribution to the morass after squandering the power of the purse at the beginning of his Speakership, thus enabling ObaMALCare to get to this destructive point. Despite his rhetoric to the contrary, Boehner is three years late and more than a dollar short, but definitely not trustworthy to defend the power of the purse.

No political system can work if half the people are unemployed or underemployed but President Obama obstinately inhibits job creation with his ObaMALcare and blocks jobs that can be created by simply removing his left-handed veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The Founders warned against abuses of the political party system and about abuses brought about by the majority constantly voting more and more unearned benefits to themselves. Since that point has been reached and breached, nothing can stop the FED printing presses from making up the shortfalls, that is, until there is the stark realization that all the money is merely the paper it is printed on.