The Patriot Post® · Obama Applying 1,000 Slow Death Cuts

By Albert Maslar ·

President Obama accepted victory for continued unabated spending and borrowing by going to his favorite podium. In demeaning fashion Obama lectured political opponents on the passage of the spending and debt limit crisis with a remark that directly defines his modus operandi with Congress, “We cannot degenerate into hatred,” when in fact that is exactly what Obama did.

Obama also thanked the furloughed employees and welcomed them back to work after apologizing for their inconvenience of not having been paid, a bald-faced blatant lie. Problem is that they had nearly three weeks of retroactive paid vacation while money was being spent to needlessly shutter open-air monument, cemeteries, parks, etc.

This speech was a condescending lecture directed at Republicans, Tea Party, and Conservatives in general. Obama often refers to payment of bills that were already racked up, as though he were not the one arbitrarily directing much of the racking, including the impossible economic distress inflicted on America by his ObaMALcare.

Challenges to ObamaCare continue, including a case charging that the president acted illegally when he delayed a provision requiring many employers to provide healthcare for their workers, while denying the same waiver to individuals. That is no concern to Mr. Obama for whom the Constitution seems to be unconstitutional. White Man speak with forked tongue.

“Precedent” Obama referred to the “manufactured crisis” as though he did not really engineer this crisis by his refusal to negotiate, “My way or the highway,” and in a sense, the price of the unblinking Obama camp once again managed the spineless GOP Boehner House into caving again, as he has caved for the past three years.

Obama’s theme “Onward and Upward” is a combination of the Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz book, “Onward,” and the Democratic political theme, “Upward.” Obama continues unabated Onward and Upward as the assumption is that Deficit and Debt will forever be kicked down the road by an obliging House Speaker John Boehner, allowing Obama a sneaky segue into Immigration and the Farm Bill. Obama is chafing at the bit to create still another monstrosity failure on top of the already passed ObaMALcare monstrosity. Failure begets failure.

There have already been food riots caused by temporary shutdowns of the computer systems managing the EBT food stamp program. Obama via his compliant administration directed by the infamous permanent White House unconfirmed guest Czar Valerie Jarrett can create a riot on demand by blocking issuance of monthly allowances recharging EBT cards, and voila, a food fight to end all food fights, once again diverting attention from current Obama shortcomings and crimes.

This “who will blink first” game is not like Fantasy Football, but a serious game of death for America by implementation of the Chinese saying, “Death by a thousand cuts.” Small cuts appear to be trivial, insignificant, painless, and not individually terminal, but eventually the damage accumulates until death ensues as all the blood has been drained out of the system. What number cut is Obama up to now?