The Patriot Post® · Christianity Falsely Blamed for Most War Deaths

By Albert Maslar ·

Anti-religious bigots claim Christian and religious wars are responsible for most war deaths in history, but overlook all non-religious, secular, political, imperialistic, and genocide wars, that resulted in an astounding 16 million deaths during WWI, “The Great War.”

Man’s inhumanity to man, unnecessary wars, created more deaths than all Christian Wars combined, with WWII possibly quintupling WWI deaths to a range between 58 million to as high as 82 million. Undeclared American wars resulted in 2.7 million deaths during the Korean War, and 4.7 million deaths during the Vietnam War.

President George W. Bush added a new twist to the reason for war with his ballyhooed preemptive war against Iraq described by him as “The War To Prevent War,” idiotic if one thinks about it. As usual with politicians, President Obama was against it before he was for it, and continued and expanded the Bush II congressionally authorized wars into his own unauthorized wars in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and did the unthinkable, drone attacks to kill American citizens without due course.

Regardless of religious, imperialist, or whatever, killing power was lower over the centuries resulting in lower number of deaths. Modern warfare techniques culminated in Twentieth Century secular death totals in the hundreds of millions, taking the starch out of the religious war argument.

Obviously, any war deaths are regrettable, but attribution of most war-deaths to religion while excluding those caused by tyrants in WWI, and WWII dictators Hitler and Stalin, in addition to the Middle East caldron led by dictators like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Syria’s Bashar-Assad, and assorted African dictators are given a pass. False attribution to religious wars are offered as gospel with no counter argument, and constitutes a common argument against formal religion, specifically Christianity.

NBC News analysis of data from a variety of sources indicates that more than 4 million Muslims died in conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya and elsewhere since 1980.

There are specific ongoing religious wars involving Islam and the 57-nation Muslim World. Recent times have seen deposed dictators in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and currently threatening Syria, extending into African nations, and all the way to Islamabad, Muslim holy city in Pakistan, which is supposedly the current beneficiary of over $1 Billion in assistance granted by fellow Muslim Barack Obama.

Religion denigrated because of religious wars is a groundless bald-faced lie and an excuse to justify having no formal religion. Karl Marx, author of the Communist Manifesto and most influential in the communist socialist universe, was born into a German Jewish family, as was Hitler who killed 6 million Jews in the Holocaust, a fact denied by Iran’s Ahmadinejad who may well be genetically Jewish himself. One of the most repeated phrases of Karl Marx is, “Religion is the opium of the people,” and if that is true, let us have more of it.