Grassroots Commentary

For Those Who Have Any Sense

Anton D. Rehling · Oct. 31, 2013

We must prepare for what may become a crash in our economy caused by our elected and their monetary policies that will make the Great Depression look like a Sunday Picnic. Everyone needs to plant gardens and stock up on essentials while there is still money in the bank or real hunger could be in your future.

Think I am kidding? Imagine a family making $27,000.00 per year and spending $36,000.00 per year with credit card debit at $170,000.00, do you think bankruptcy is far behind? This scenario is exactly what our Federal and State governments have been doing for years all you need to do is add 8 zeros to the government spending to the previous numbers I have listed as average family spending; disaster cannot be far away.

Government is not the solution, it is the problem. There is not one Department of government that is run with any efficiency, free of massive waste, corruption or ethics, unless the ethics are self-serving.

We fought a revolution to free ourselves from the oppressive taxation and rule of the tyrant King George the third. Now we face the oppressive taxation and tyrannical rule of Presidente Obama and his socialist lemming which makes the rule of King George the Third look unobtrusive.

If the American people do not wake from their slumber soon and restore Limited Constitutional government with safeguards against tyrannical elected ignoring oath of office, the freedom the United States of American had will become a memory. I am not saying there are those who won’t fight, but, the numbers look to be very small to oppose the brute force of tyrannical government as the citizens of America are looking for someone else to pay the price of Freedom and their God granted rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I heard a government minion declare that he was invoking his privilege of the 5th amendment protections to refuse to answer questions and I was floored. Our constitutional rights are not privileges granted by government to be given and taken but are rights that cannot be infringed. To believe otherwise opens the door to a totalitarian tyranny that will be very hard to close.

I think the road to reversal may be paved with the blood of patriots acting alone in desperation to assist in the restoration of our Free Constitutional Republic, and of course they will be criminalized, demonized as terrorists and provide fuel for tyrannical regimes to justify tyrannical ultra-regulated rule where everything is government regulated and granted privilege.

Where will the battles begin and what will be the targets and goals of any resistance to governmental tyranny, will they be governmental infrastructure of will they be assassinations or will we just talk while our Freedom is taken?

I wonder as I write this opinion if this opinion will be the straw the government needs to increase their assault on me with further audits and possibly mistaken address for a raid against a suspected drug dealer? Sorry we made an address mistake and we are very sorry Anton was killed, after all he was armed, and he must have been a terrorist because he had rifles, shotguns and hand guns with a lot of ammunition. Oh well, the community is safer now that Anton is gone because who knew what he may have done, he was very political, opposed to Obama and was a Christian and a Veteran, you know the groups we have declared, “A threat to America”.

It's Right. It's Free.