Grassroots Commentary

We Have Arrived!

Anton D. Rehling · Nov. 5, 2013

We have arrived at a time in the history of our Republic that WILL require every able body Patriot to come to the aid of his country.

Our once representative elected government has transformed into a totalitarian attitude toward those who placed them in office to protect our Freedom and Rights.

Our elected have assumed powers that have enabled them to pass mind numbing legislation, contrary to our Constitutional protections, to enslave the population of the United States of America into government servitude.

We are taxed on all daily activity. We no longer have private property rights and need permission from local bureaucrats to do any improvements to what we supposedly own. If you think you own your property, guess again. All you have is equitable title, that enables you to buy and sell and make a little profit, but the government has their talons in that also. You must pay burdensome property taxes to keep your property or improve your property, more permits, taxes and prior permission from the local tyrants before any activity is allowed. Try to avoid the burdensome taxes or regulations and you will be pursued like a criminal.

For those who are just waking up to the path away from, our government serves us to we serve the government, need to gather their resolve to restore our freedom and limited government.

Millions throughout the history of our nation “We the People” have answered the call to defend our freedom and rights from all comers and uncounted have paid that price with their lives.

Today we have arrived at a time in history that the new comers to take our Liberty are in fact enemies within, an elected that have forgotten their roles in the animating contest to retain a liberty seen nowhere else in the world. I guess our elected are under the mistaken illusion that the people of the USA will submit to tyrannical rule like other populations around the world. They are wrong!

Our elected, who were placed in office to defend our rights and freedom have been embolden by our lack of resistance to their totalitarian, tyrannical legislative actions that they feel immune to any consequences to their actions conducted outside their limits placed on them by our Constitution.

Our elected are attempting to take away our teeth by infringing on another protection, our second amendment just to mention one of the assaults on our liberty.


Their big error was to feel emboldened by our real lack of protest to their infringement on our Liberty by ramping up their assault on our individual rights and liberty by cramming down our throats and stuffing up our backsides laws that are designed to enslave us.

Our elected stand against our Liberty and rights with very few exceptions; in the political realm of our Federal and State capitols, lying to the people has become standard operating procedure and an accepted political tool to mislead those who haven’t been paying attention. There is a double standard, if we lie to government we go to jail for perjury, if our government lies to us, under the law it is politics as usual, no recourse for, “We the People”. Are these the actions of Representative Government of a Free People?

Our government passes laws that they have exempted themselves from.

The Affordable Care Act Obamacare is the Lexington/Concord of the 21st century. After 238 years since our Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of the King of the British Empire we find ourselves facing once again the most powerful government in the world whose tyrannical designs Make King George the third look like the protector of Liberty. We need to stand and resist this tyranny on all levels.

And now I guess for exercising my First Amendment right for this opinion, my position on our tyrannical governments list of possible home grown terrorists I am sure has gone up, if our government labels me a home grown terrorist because I speak the same words as our founders, I will wear that label with honor and pay any price required to restore the Freedom and Rights our country was founded upon.

I don’t seek death, although it is inevitable, what I seek is Liberty for my posterity, if my early demise is required to secure a future of Liberty for all, I will pay that price willingly, but, it will get real expensive for those tyrant minions to take if I am vigilant.

I seek peaceful resolution to tyrannical totalitarian government intrusions into our lives but stand ready to be a citizen soldier in our fight to retain our birth right provided by the blood of our ancestors.

It's Right. It's Free.