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Does It Pass the Smell Test?

Andy Kerl Jr. · Nov. 7, 2013

Has the roll out of the Obamacare website by Kathleen Sebelius Secretary of Health and Human Services been just another example of governmental incompetence or are there more sinister motives afoot? The Henry J. Kaiser family Foundation offers a Subsidy Calculator that provides the costs and government subsidies for Health Insurance bought on the government set up exchanges. On this interactive calculator a person can see first hand their costs for the exchange plans, gold, silver or bronze by entering no more information than the state and Zip Code where they live and their annual income. No personal information is required. It explains the costs of the various plans and the amount of government subsidy if any.

Now it seems to me that if the Kaiser Family Foundation can provide this information, even if it were just an estimate then the Obamacare website ought to be able to do the same or at the very least link to the Kaiser Family Foundation where the information is available. Could it be that the Obama Administration perhaps, would rather have the People sign up first and then be told the price? Why if the Health Care Insurance Exchanges are such a good deal for the uninsured American can’t the Obama Administration provide this information as does the Kaiser Family Foundation Subsidy Calculator?

According to the Social Security Administration the average US wage is $44,321.67 annually. Using this as a base the following would be true for the exchanges.

While these examples are just that, examples, they are indicative of what could be possible if the ObamaCare website had wanted information to be given to the American People. It is obvious that if the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation can set up a calculator such as this that could give even estimates of costs and subsidies that there must be some reason the Obama Administration and Kathleen Sebelius did not want information to be given to those who out of necessity were directed to the exchanges. Could be that in the end no American unless exempted will be able to keep the Health Insurance they liked or for that matter their Doctors as the President promised? Could it be that affordable Health Insurance will be out of the reach of middle class Americans? Could it be that in the end this will be a disaster for the American People and a boon to the Democrat Parties and Obama’s supporters? Who knows, but their actions do not pass the smell test.

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