The Patriot Post® · Veterans Day 2013

By Albert Maslar ·

Veterans Day honors American Military heroes in a country of patriotic political government wimps that do not respect freedoms earned by volunteers. Government is all talk and no action on the best way to honor veterans which is not with patriotic flag-waving parades and gatherings while nondescript politicians make weak-minded speeches about the valor of those who protect American liberty.

My deceased younger brother Jimmy had a favorite saying, “You can always tell a politician, but you can’t tell them much,” and then he would LOL. Another Jimmy favorite, “If God gives you lemons, make lemonade,” but America has packed Congress with lemons so sour that the lemonade is too bitter to be sweetened, just not enough sugar.

It is noticeable that Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama has made moves against Military freedoms by treating them like mercenaries, and virtually firing about ten top officers and about a hundred lesser officers.

There is no other way to put it, but President Obama disrespects the Military to the extent that he actually has contempt for the Military, except to use them for his own nefarious purposes. Forces within government work diligently to restrict and remove individual liberties in the name of security, dismantling the Second Amendment to insure that when the Police State is a fact of life, there will be fewer guns and little threat from armed “self-radicalized” insurgents.

There is no draft or conscription as American Military is composed of 100% VOLUNTEERS, but government disrespect them when they arrive back to the US in flag-draped boxes, and then denies them benefit of last respects by Military Chaplains. Injured veterans return home to inadequate medical care and treatment, no jobs, broken careers and families. America has been too long involved in tangled international wars and faux peacekeeping while treating its Military shabbily.

After their brave efforts to fight for America, many find that it is a useless charade for the benefit of politicians and the Military Industrial Complex, while prestigious veteran in Congress John McCain advocates for still more useless wars to prevent war. Been there, Done that. America has been too long involved in tangled international wars and faux peace-keeping, but treating its Military shabbily.

World War I was a brutal blood bath and was touted as “The War To End War” while WWII was called “The ‘Big One” and was often referred to as “The Good War,” while Obama holds that the Afghanistan War is the right war at the right time. The Iraq War was heralded by previous President George W. Bush as a “War to Prevent War,” truly an oxymoron of the nth degree.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama rode his high horse into the Presidency with his campaign to end the Bush II Iraq and Afghanistan wars that he continued while instigating his own unauthorized undeclared wars in Egypt, Libya, Syria, North Africa and Pakistan, all while paying lip service to HIS Military, decimating the upper ranks for fear that one day they might turn on him.

Veterans can best be honored if Obama would “Stop all wars unilaterally so that by the time the last surviving war veteran has died, there will be no more war veterans to memorialize their fallen comrades.”


War veteran Senator John McCain is a war hero for merely being a prisoner of war, and since then has been a wannabe president and outspoken war-hawk. McCain has secretly met with Syrian rebel revolutionaries to see what he could do to involve the US in yet another Iraq-type fiasco, Old wars have not yet ended but new wars are planned.

The best way to honor America’s volunteer veterans is to not put them into useless harms way, and stop all useless endless wars involving any of the 57 Islamic Muslim Nations unilaterally. American Military veterans must not lose life, limb, and blood and then remembered on Memorial Day in honor of fallen Military, for no purpose other than the whim of Presidents who abuse their title, Commander-In-Chief.

American patriotic veterans must not shed their patriotic blood for nothing other than vague benefits of far-reaching government and the Military Industrial Complex that never saw a war it did not like.