The Patriot Post® · Obama Not Informed 'Directly'

By Albert Maslar ·

Washington Free Beacon Staff reported on Nov. 14,  that the excuses for ObamaCare failure continue to mount, but President Obama delivered what is probably his best excuse yet Thursday at his press conference.

CBS Major Garrett recounted that President Obama and individuals within the White House were informed two weeks prior to the health exchange’s launch that the website had failed most basic tests. Garrett proceeded to ask President Obama if he had been made aware of those tests and if so, did he regret it.

President Obama weakly replied “I was not informed DIRECTLY that the website would not be working, as the way it was supposed to. Had I been informed, I wouldn’t be going out saying, ‘Boy, this is going to be great.’ You know, I’m accused of a lot of things, but I don’t think I’m stupid enough to go around saying ‘This is going to be like shopping on amazon or Travelocity’ a week before the website opens, if I thought that it wasn’t going to work.”

The above statement, “I was not informed DIRECTLY,” is an absolute admission that Obama in fact was informed, however it might have been “INDIRECT.” Counting on nuance to avoid the Lie is an ill-disguised lie that boomerangs back to bite the liar where it hurts the most; in the credibility. The thing is that when the same lie is repeated verbatim some thirty times, it is nearly impossible to walk that back farther than the tip of Obama’s Pinocchio nose.

“But I don’t think I’m stupid enough” by Obama’s own words is a Freudian admission of implied stupidity because he inadvertently admits the remark to imply stupidity as he already knew at least indirectly .that it was not so, and it might take more than all his highly proclaimed oratorical skills to escape his self-created labyrinthine trap. Liars need to have good memories to avoid trapping themselves, but inevitably they fall to their vice.

A Carney press briefing indicated that as early as March, Obama knew about shortcomings of his signature legislation and its portal, but did not realize the seriousness or depth of the problem. That reality points to Obama competency or lack thereof.

Obama has but one viable choice, grant the same one-year stay on the individual mandate as he already arbitrarily and unconstitutionally granted to big business, unions, and other fund-raiser favorites. In light of the blatant, indisputable lies mouthed by the golden mouthed one, the only real hope for Obama to salvage his golden rhetoric Nobel Peace Prize reputation and his somewhat fading One World future presidency is to grant the one-year stay.

Another hope is to drop ObamaCare in favor of the official title of the law, “Affordable Care Act.” Been done before as “Global Warming” morphed into “Climate Change,” and is seeking still another bland meaningless term to salvage the disappearing reputation of Al Gore as there appears to be global cooling rather than warming.

In all the tumult about ObamaCare, rates on Treasury Notes closed up on 11/20/2013; 10-Year notes 2.79%; and 30-Year notes 3.9% based on the FED announcement indicating tapering of the QE $85 Billion monthly printing of Monopoly Money. Lost in translation is the associated increase in servicing the $17 trillion National Debt.

Everyone knows that tapering means a decline in artificial support of the Wall Street Bull market that depends upon artificial upward mobility based on the ever-increasing amount of Monopoly Money printed and circulated by the FED. Too big to fail banks and Wall Street have been laughing all the way to the bank, but the band announced it will be taking a break in the music and the wild dancing crawled to a slow-down dance.

Halfway around the World is a new controversy surrounding Sec of State John Kerry that would allow US troops in Afghanistan past 2015 with humble US apologies for military excesses, totally skirting the issue that Afghanistan needs the US more than the US needs Afghanistan. Whatever form the final DEAL takes, will prove to be continuation of one more Obama foreign relations blunder.

One more broken promise to end the Afghanistan War, the good war as defined by Obama himself, close Guantanamo prison for terrorists, reduce taxes, increase jobs, and save the best medical system in the World with the ill-conceived ObamaCare that can never work because it can never enlist the healthy young who can pay minor penalties in lieu of signing on to excessive costs of ObamaCare.

Every banana split has the traditional cherry topping the whipped cream and this is no exception as Nov. 19 marked the beginning of “The Second American Revolution at Lafayette Park across from the White House, by the "The Reclaim America Now” coalition. It is composed of about three-dozen conservative groups, including 2 million bikers to DC, Jihad Watch, Freedom Watch, Gun Owners of America, Accuracy in Media, Tea Party Patriots, and the Western Center for Journalism.

Speakers announced two goals; the renewal of America, and the resignation of President Obama. Meanwhile retired generals had their own not too pretty for Obama ideas about standing up to the President. The natives are restless.