Grassroots Commentary

Winners and Losers

Andy Kerl Jr. · Dec. 4, 2013

When evaluating massive government programs it is imperative to “follow the money”.

The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) set in motion perhaps the most massive Federal government program ever and who will really win and lose as it rolls out.

The real winners will be the health insurers. They will get new customers because of the Federal individual mandate with higher premiums paid because of Federally mandated coverages. On top of this boon to their business the insured will will receive Federal subsidies to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars to purchase insurance which will be passed along to the health Insurers. Now rather than compete in an environment where the customer selects the product according to need and cost, the product is chosen by the Federal government and is the same for everyone regardless of circumstances.

Without the advantage of competition the health insurance consumer is left with choices that can only benefit the insurer. The Democrats in Congress and President Obama disregarded a fundamental precept of business, that all business’s must make a profit to exist; or did they? From its inception the proponents of ObamaCare interspersed the terms health insurance with health care. While these terms are distinctly different in scope and application, it was necessary to integrate them to perpetuate the deception that is ObamaCare.

The promises of health insurance for everyone, more health benefits paid, and lower costs are not compatible with the necessity of profit for the health insurers and most health care providers unless the federal government either mandates less coverage, IE: the so-called “Death Panel”, or heavily funds the insurers with taxpayer monies or both. Government control of fully one sixth of the American economy will, regardless of the party in power, worsen the already creeping crony capitalism in Washington.

Whatever the end scenario in the roll out of this massive federal program, the average American will bear the burden through more taxation and inferior health care while the health insurance companies reap the benefit. There can be no other outcome.

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