The Patriot Post® · Disaster & ObamaCare Replacement

By Albert Maslar ·

November 30 came and went, raising the curtain on Dec. 1, and lo and behold, President Obama once again forced Americans to eat his crow, as his self-imposed deadline for adequate functioning of portal to his signature ObamaCare to function by Dec. 1. 

Obama declared victory despite glaring failure to fix by Dec. 1 as promised. Obama proudly announced almost not quite success to get his honcho Kathleen Sebelius portal to ObamaCare to function for 80%, 90% or for almost everyone to have easy access. In short, trust me: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying cheating eyes?”

Political strategist David Plouffe proudly states that ObamaCare will “work really well’ by 2017 and people will be glad to have ObamaCare, which is akin to saying there would be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if only there were a rainbow.

Obama gambled that failure to really meet his Dec 1 guarantee for to function would be buried in the wake and disappointment of Christmas shopping shortfalls of Gray Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and shopping mayhem on Sunday that produced more shoppers but less than expected sales.

Interminable problems persist, multiplying creation of new problems, but meanwhile, a hundred million people are in danger of not having health insurance coverage that was discontinued while its replacement, ObamaCare and may not work … EVER … no matter how much they are tweaked and reworked.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka ObamaCare was built on lies and that foundation built on air, in the computer software field is called vaporware not meant to be delivered, undone, or fixed. Conventional wisdom deduces that ObamaCare and were meant to fail in order to put in a single payer system that has yet to be proposed officially. ObamaCare aficionados rightly ask, "Where is your plan?” Here is the plan in a nutshell, not 20,000 pages of law and regulations.

Single-Payer Plan: Universal Medicare – Replaces ObamaCare, Summary of 3-page plan

There is but one known doable single-payer plan on the horizon that has a ghost of a chance to work, and that is Universal Medicare (UMC) Single-Payer Plan-to replace ObamaCare.-3-point summary of 3-page plan follows:

36. Institute a 3% National Sales Tax (NST) with NO exceptions for resale, charity, non-profits, religious, education, or government. The many cannot be continually supported by the diminishing few. A 3% NST may raise up to $7 Trillion annually, double the current budget, reduce national debt, spread tax burden to all residents, legal or not. Allocation: the 1st 1% toward Budget, the 2nd 1% toward Reduction of National Debt, the 3rd 1% for Universal MediCare for all legal residents.

37. Dedicate first 1% NST to Universal Medicare to automatically eliminate most State Medicaid benefit requirements, costs, and overhead. State Medicaid mandated costs are virtually eliminated, reducing State budget shortfalls and tax requirements.

38. According to a 7/6/10 analysis by attorney Lanny Davis published in The Hill, there were $755 Trillion in total transactions in the U.S. in 2008; $443 Trillion if exempting stock transactions. Accordingly, NST on stock market transactions should be set at ½ of 1%, beating the International movement toward the inevitability of this type of tax. This ½% stock market transaction tax will inhibit the negative and controversial effects of High Frequency Trading (HFT) that causes artificial volatility.


Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $100,000 2.74%

Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $1 Million 7.47%

Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $1 Billion 19.88%