Grassroots Commentary

What Would You Do?

Anton D. Rehling · Dec. 4, 2013

What would you do if a government agency came to you house and announced it was going to build a fence around yours and everyone else’s property for your safety and security and the rich who have armed protection would pay for it because they have something you don’t, effective protection for the children?

The fence would serve two roles – keep your children and pets safe, and keep the robbers and murders out.

Most would say, “Well, OK sounds like a good idea, besides I am getting a property improvement for FREE.”

The day comes that the gate to the big fence that was built is being installed and an electronic lock is being installed along with video security cameras facing into your property. Concerned you go out to question the people doing the install and to get the code to open the gate, but you are told go back into you house and not to question what is being done or you will be arrested for interfering with a government officials.

Your gate will open for you to leave when the government approves your application to leave the safety of your property. You ask, how will you get food etc? You are told a truck will be by once a month with your allotment of approved food with menus to follow to keep you and your family healthy and at an approved weight. But what about work – how will I get gas for my car to get to work, visit friends etc.? Sorry, cars will not be needed; you will have to take government approved mass transit to go to your new government selected job. You must also turn in your guns and not try to hide them or you will be forced into a reeducation labor camp.

You say, Anton, this will never happen in the good old U.S. of A.!

Well my friends, it is now happening with government deciding how, where and what you will have to maintain your health. Not far behind that will be an approved menu to assure good health to protect society from your bad choices that could make you sick and be a burden on society.

Think this is pure science fiction? Who thought 50 years ago we would have a government that enforced only laws that they liked and created others by decree?

We are not far from a GPS tracing our every move to assure our activities are only doing government approved activities and going to government approved locations.

And of course our rulers are exempt from it all.

This may seem extreme, but may not be far from the reality that is developing. We may not have the physical pens but with the war wagons being given to Law Enforcement by our Federal government etc. the pens are being built before your very eyes.

Do you wait till the pens of government servitude are constructed or do you get involved and stop it before it becomes something that will become impossible to reverse.

It's Right. It's Free.