The Patriot Post® · Black 13% Commit 57% of Murders

By Albert Maslar ·

Black males commit 57% of murders in the US but the Black population, including females, is only 13%. Why is it that the revered Black leaders and men of the cloth, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, and even President Barack Obama are so obsessed with White transgressions against Blacks but ignore the much more voluminous Black on White crimes as shown by the undeniable statistic above?

Why are Reverends Sharpton and Jackson quick on the trigger to condemn the entire White community for the killing of Black Trayvon Martin by “WHITE?” Hispanic George Zimmerman, but crawl into the woodwork to avoid criticizing their own Black community for the current horror of “Knockout,” the nationwide “game” of Black groups sucker punching and even killing unsuspecting targets.

Victims were White people, particularly Jews, and the cowardly perpetrators laughed about it as they posted their gutless antics on Facebook. Jews were targeted because of the notion that they set up corner stores and profited from the very Black community they were trying to help. Lost in the translation is the question of why Blacks did not set up their own corner stores?

The answer is that Blacks knew they would be robbed blind, so they let brave Jewish entrepreneurs do their thankless dirty work. Jews were gradually forced out, only to be replaced by other non-Black Asians and Latinos; still no Blacks.

The deafening silence of the Black community including Reverends Sharpton and Jackson, along with Black President Barack Obama and the media is disturbing, and akin to enabling cowardly “Knockout,” attacks on unsuspecting victims. Obama himself once arrogantly stated that he would bring a gun to a knife fight, not exactly the stuff of a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Lack of jobs and diminished education are the main culprits as these bored young Black thugs have nothing constructive to do, resulting in formation of gangs that inflict their anger and frustration at their Blackness on the White and Black communities. The Black community defends, protects, and justifies its own guilty worst enemies within.

Obama chose to give food stamps and welfare instead of jobs needed to quell senseless violence. Obama continues to suppress good-paying jobs for Blacks with his blockage of the Keystone XL Pipeline, job-killing ObamaCare, along with his push to raise the minimum wage in the eye of the hurricane of effectively 13% unemployment.

Minority women constitute about 13% of the female population (age 15-44) in the US but underwent approximately 36% of the abortions. Why do Blacks abort their babies at about three times the proportionate rate of White women? Lack of pride and disrespect for themselves? It cannot be the cost of living as welfare takes care of every aspect including cell phones and computers, so why so many disproportionate Black babies aborted.

Lack of pride and disrespect must be the motto at abortion mills of Planned Parenthood, and founder Margaret Sanger must be laughing in her grave at the stupidity of Blacks intentionally killing themselves in the womb, as well as on the streets if they accidentally escape the death chamber of the womb.

Blacks, instead of being enraged by this genocide, honor and promote the massive killing of 330,000 Black babies each year. Obama showed who and what he is by his worship of indefinable “American Values” that have no basis in fact.

Why did President Obama award America’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to Abortion Activist Gloria Steinem? Obama said, “The Presidential Medal of Freedom goes to men and women who have dedicated their own lives to enriching ours. This year’s honorees have been blessed with extraordinary talent, but what sets them apart is their gift for sharing that talent with the world. It will be my honor to present them with a token of our nation’s gratitude.” …Thanks for killing my own Black people???

Obama learned well in the 22 years he occupied the pews of his “Christian” mentor, Pastor Jeremiah Wright, who advocated abortion on demand. Though Planned Parenthood was founded by White Margaret Sanger to kill off undesirables, code word for Blacks. Pastor Wright exploded his anger at the White community with his words, “Not God Bless America, But God Da– America.” The acorn Obama did not fall far from the tree.

Obama kept Bill Clinton on his side for future elections by awarding the 2013 Liberty Medal to Hillary Clinton in recognition of her lifelong career in public service and for her ongoing abortion advocacy efforts on behalf of women and girls. That artificial award might also serve to insulate Obama from fault in the 9/11/2012 Benghazi killing of four including the American Ambassador, and destruction of the American Embassy, an act of war that was ignored by Obama and Hillary. The man knows how to cover his tracks as he has done in covering up his Harvard and Columbia records.

Not to ignore murders by Whites, according to Wikipedia, 75% of rampage killings in US history are perpetrated by White males, including 71% of massacres in schools, and 60% of workplace rampages. Why is that? Answer; medication, insanity, the politically correct incorrect refusal to commit known deranged persons to protective institutions, and often an addiction to violent computer games that take on a real life of their own, giving the mentally ill real life infamy and their coveted “15 minutes.”