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Betrayal Most Foul

Michael Oberndorf · Dec. 16, 2013

In 2010, We, the People, elected a majority of what we thought were conservative Republicans to Congress and state offices all over the country. The state folks have done a pretty good job, standing up to the unconstitutional acts of the increasingly totalitarian, tyrannical federal behemoth, putting the interests of the people of their various states first. Not so with Congress. In fact, not even close.

Nearly all of the ostensibly conservative Republicans elected to the House ran on the promise that they would – not would try, but would – repeal the un-American and nation-destroying Obamacare. However, not only did they not make any serious efforts to repeal it, they refused to even defund it. Instead, they allowed their “leadership” to sabotage the few who did try. Boehner, McConnell and their lackey underlings rolled over and acceded to every Democrat demand, accepted blame for every Democrat accusation, gave zero support to those who tried to actually do what We, the People elected them to do, and allowed the Party of Marx to score a huge PR victory along with their political one.

Then, amidst all sorts of mealy-mouthed platitudes, excuses, and rationalizations, these turncoats joined with the Establishment RINOS and voted en mass for a budget “deal” that appears to be to the economy what Obama’s “deal” with the Iranian radical Islamists is to foreign policy and national security. This link is to the list of traitors who voted for what may be a fatal increase in our debt and taxes. If your representative is not among the 60 Americans who voted against it, your district has a major problem that can only be fixed by getting rid of the fraud who currently occupies the office.

Bad as all this has been, it’s not the end of the betrayal. Boehner, McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the Establishment RINO misleadership, are maneuvering, manipulating, lying, intimidating, and pretty much doing the bidding of what are now clearly their Democrat masters, in preparation for ramming “immigration reform,” better known as amnesty for the criminals who have illegally entered the country by the millions, down the throats of We, the People. And in their haste to lick the Gucci loafers of their multinational corporate “donors” who want millions of uneducated, unskilled people willing to work for far less than most Americans, the RINOs have joined forces with the overseers of the Democrat Entitlement Plantation who want millions added to the welfare rolls, millions who will then overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

It’s my guess that the 60 real Americans who voted against the budget “deal” will also vote against amnesty. But 60 out of 435 ain’t gonna cut it. We, the People need to stand up and let the rest of these traitors know, in no uncertain terms, that we will not allow our country to be commandeered in what amounts to a Marxist and neo-fascist coup d'état. We have sat by, like the good law-abiding citizens that we are, while our constitution has been used as toilet paper, while the flag has been trampled in the mud, while our laws have been ignored and broken by criminals and our government (same thing?), while our government has given aid and comfort to our enemies. We have allowed a small, radical minority to take control of the country, a minority whose real, low-profile leaders control vast wealth, a minority out to subsume us, willing or not, into a collectivist world government. It’s way past time to say, “No more!” and take whatever actions are necessary to return us to the Rule of Law.

I highly recommend that everyone read “Rules for Radicals,” the book by Saul Alinsky, mentor of Obama, the Clintons, and most of the people in the current administration. The strategy and tactics presented work both ways. I would also strongly urge people to start seriously looking at what the left does, since it clearly is working a heck of a lot better than what the right has been doing. The notion that using their tactics “brings us down to their level” is simply stupid. Do you not shoot back at an enemy that is shooting at you because it “brings us down to their level”? Folks, these people are shooting at us.

We need to continue what the Tea Party did in 2010, and take to the streets again. Public demonstrations in towns and cities across the nation send a clear message, not only to Washington, but to us, We, the People, that we are strong, we are the majority, and we are not submitting or going away. In addition, we need to think and act outside the proverbial box. For instance, we need to encourage the states to empanel Grand Juries and bring charges against the miscreants in the federal government, since it is obvious that the “Justice” Department won’t. Then, we need to seriously consider marching on Washington and placing the indicted under arrest.

Our government exists by “…the consent of the governed…” I strongly suggest we withdraw that consent.

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