The Patriot Post® · Repugnican Party Death Spiral

By Albert Maslar ·

President Obama thanked Republicans for their help in passing the budget to avoid yet one more kicking the can down the road fiasco. One must wonder why Caesar praises his Congress, unless they did exactly what he wanted.

Take note that GOP pseudo Conservative President Wannabe Paul Ryan boasted of his close cooperation and co-authoring of the budget bill with Democrat Senator Patty Murray, who later distanced herself from her own budget and its cut in military pensions in the budget deal Murray brokered with Ryan.

Now as when the curtain was raised on ObamaCare, the nasty little details will haunt the perpetrators, and in this case, as the Military comes out on the short end of the deal. A budget provision cuts pensions of military retirees that have not yet reached retirement age, a provision absent as concerns federal employees.

Obama at his 12/20 press conference appeared before his favorite teleprompter to give thanks to Repugnicans, and when the devil thanks his subjects, red flags should be waving, but alas, too late; the damage has been done. Obama included the caveat that there must be the same consideration given the looming National Debt Limit in a battle expected to raise its ugly head during February and March.

Obama as is his custom, allowed for no prisoners; that it be his way without negotiation. Curious, that Obama who is defined by ObamaCare and “failures,” would have the audacity to demand his way or the highway. Obama reverted to previous pronouncements that America cannot afford to renege on its National Debt and cause a debilitating shutdown of government to pay the bills Congress has authorized.

Half-truths dominate Obama speech in that the ballyhooed shutdown, absent increasing the National Debt Limit, is not a shutdown, but limiting government expenditures not to exceed the 65% current tax and revenue collections that are sufficient to pay bills coming currently due.

Obama blames Congress for spending, but actual expenditures are dictated by the President, but ignore the fact that the Obama administration racked up more spending than any previous president, while creating National Debt that might never be repayable considering interest rates that have nowhere to go but up.

Congressional Repugnicans are so paranoid, they shake in their boots, and that doing the right thing might come back to haunt them politically, as any temporary negative effects are blamed on GOP splintered opposition. Legislating from fear of doing the right thing is not worthy of American patriots, proving once again that there are few patriots in Congress.

GOP House Speaker John Boehner is the most visible culprit and showed his duplicity by with scathing words, mercilessly chided and denigrated his own Tea Party members, who coincidentally gave Boehner the Speakership. Boehner, for the umpteenth time, again leads the now Repugnican Party astray to prevent another possible government shutdown.

Deficit spending and ballooning National Debt are hallmarks of Congress, and to hear politicians talk, babble, that there is no choice without uncontrollable deficit spending and corresponding enabling by $1 trillion of new fictitious dollars monthly, now to be reduced by 10% … whoopee. Wall Street and major banks have been the big winners, leaving Middle America struggling in its wake.

Obama used this speech to take a swipe at the Russia anti-gay policy at the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics, putting his scent on so-called human rights violations agains gays, while Obama himself is a major human rights violator in his policies of harassing Christians in the US and in its Military.

Obama defends homosexuals in Russian Olympic games, but killing Christians and burning and bombing of their churches in the Middle East are totally ignored. Obama uses his favorite modus operandi of accusing others of various misdeeds and violations while he exceeds the worst case scenario of opponents.

Children avoid blame by pointing fingers at others for what they themselves are guilty of, but eventually truth will out, and it may not be pretty, as the new Obama-friendly budget may result in the death spiral of the Grand-Old Party in which case Republicans become Repugnicans.