Grassroots Commentary

So, Wadda Ya Gonna Do Aboud It?

Michael Oberndorf · Jan. 6, 2014

America, like the old white people and women that have been the targets of the vicious racist attacks misleadingly called the Knockout Game, has been sucker punched, kicked numerous times, robbed and left bleeding and semi-conscious on the ground. Obama and all the racists, Marxists, and neo-fascists that he has surrounded himself with, along with the rest of their crew in the Congress are swaggering around, laughing, calling America names, daring her to try to stand back up. We are all painfully aware of this. The Big Question now is: So, wadda ya gonna do aboud it?

Short of armed rebellion, which, when carefully considered may not be all that bad of an alternative, We, the People, don’t seem to have many viable choices. The obvious and most preferred alternative is to win back the Congress in the 2014 elections. Unfortunately, powerful, virtually unaccountable forces are out to see that this is not possible, i.e., the Obama/Holder/Soros Injustice Department; the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil Federal Elections Commission; the multi-gazillionaire Democrat neo-fascist, globalist fat-cat donors like Soros, the Boyz at Google, Microsoft’s Bill Gates; neo-fascist organizations like the Chamber of Commerce; the entire, largely globalist Republican Establishment; and almost the entire television and print news media. And since the Democrats have already experimented and seen they can get away with massive election fraud, chances of a free, fair, honest election in 2014 are exceedingly slim at best.

In lieu of preserving the republic entirely intact, there are two alternative solutions that could possibly save us, given the irreconcilable differences that have grown up between the liberal/progressive/Marxist/Democrat left in America and the conservative, constitutionalist, freedom-loving right, from the otherwise seemingly inevitable Second Civil War.

The first is getting vigorously active in our home states, encouraging – and browbeating, if necessary – our state legislators and governors to become Tenth Amendment activists. States including Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Montana, and Arizona have already passed laws nullifying unacceptable, unconstitutional laws, and a number of other states are in the process. Can you imagine the effect on the Ruling Class in Washington, the outrage and consternation if We, the People, or as the Ruling Class sees us, the Unwashed Masses, refused to obey their onerous and unconstitutional dictates? If We, by the authority invested in us by the Constitution and the various state constitutions, told them to stuff ObamaCare and that if they illegally, and therefore criminally, refuse to enforce federal immigration laws, our state governments would? We are, after all, the United States of America, and the federal government exists only with the consent of the governed. The clear implication here is that We, the People, can withdraw that consent, rendering the federal government essentially illegitimate and without legal authority over us and our states. In addition, all elected officials and government employees would be relieved of their positions, and a new federal government could then be formed. The Constitution and its various amendments might or might not be retained in its present form, but that would be up to the states, not some two-bit Marxist community organizer and a corrupt judiciary.

This, of course, assumes that all the states would join in. Highly unlikely. Thus, the second possible solution is secession. The states, by internal vote of their residents, would choose whether to continue as part of the new totalitarian, collectivist police state or join a nation composed of states whose residents choose to have a constitutional republic as envisioned by our Founding Fathers not all that many years ago. The so-called Red States generally have economies that could easily support them if the tens of thousands of crippling regulations were eliminated, entitlements curtailed, and taxes totally restructured by honest, sane people. The fact is, the Blue Welfare States, where a huge portion of the people contribute nothing and are on some form of government handout, will quickly run out of other people’s money to give to the parasite class they have created. The resulting chaos, I think, is not something I would like to be in the midst of.

Unfortunately, both these solutions have the potential to touch off civil war. The Ruling Class will not give up what it sees as its rightful power without a struggle. Over the past five years, the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress have laid down what they would have us believe is a legal framework for declaring martial law and actually imposing their long sought after total control, cradle to grave, of every aspect of our lives. Numerous executive orders and laws like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, they believe, give them the power to do this. And if they think they can, sooner or later, they will. 2014 may be the most decisive year in our history.

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