The Patriot Post® · Man-Caused Disaster -- AIDS

By Albert Maslar ·

AIDS is a growing menace to the overall health of the US that threatens even those having nothing to do with the root cause of AIDS. The 3 or 4 percent homosexuals lobby for the right to give blood that is disseminated to the unwary, creating more damage than good. “Terrorism” is defined by the politically correct as “Man-Caused Disaster,” a term that is appropriate for the carriers of the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

Accommodating the homosexual community by allowing for unlimited right to donate blood, for a fee of course, risks the contamination of the entire national supply of blood and plasma needed for the protection of all.

False prophets President and Michelle Obama openly and actively promote the homosexual, “gay” to the politically correct, lifestyle that is misleading especially younger generations into the eventual pits of Sodom and Gomorrah that paid the ultimate price for their wickedness in its open opposition to nature.

Half the population accepts the right of homosexuals to their choice of lifestyle based on fairness, sanctifying homosexual marriage as a beautiful thing that is honored and toasted on major TV sitcoms and the media. As the spread of HIV continues, the threat to national health security grows.

Young people as well as supposedly mature and sophisticated elders are influenced by the “love,” ignoring the fact of homosexual intolerance of normal male/female relationships that are grounded in well-known and appreciated beauty and function of nature. Four percent gays seem to be exempt from tolerance that is demanded from the heterosexual community.

Functionality is the key element in nature that even supposedly bad things like storms and major natural disasters most often have good side effects beneficial to humanity. Lack of functionality in homosexual relationships offers a definitive clue of dysfunction and discordance between natural sexuality versus the perverted form of homosexuality.

Function follows form, and only two forms of humanity exhibit sexual differences that lend one male form to create the sperm that incubates the human egg in the opposite female form, which are described as male and female. Homosexuals turn the human sex act on its head, so what can go wrong but HIV Aids and the breakdown of culture and religion.

An automobile travels on round, not square wheels. Likewise, a magnificent Rolex watch or a common Timex run on the same principle as the Big Ben clock in London; all keep track of seconds, minutes, and hours constituting time. Digital time is identical except it displays time in digital hours and minutes rather than by second, and minute hands of traditional clocks.

Reality demonstrates the stark difference between heterosexuals that act in accordance with the design of nature, while homosexual acts are in direct opposition to nature. Normal heterosexual acts are good for Family, State, and Economy, while homosexual activity debases the beauty and master design and intent of nature.

Despite protestations to the contrary, homosexual activity corrupts nature while contributing not much more than risqué humor that in turn diminishes the natural design and intent of the Creator of nature. The Creator gave humans participation in the ongoing creation by attaching pleasure to the act of procreation.

Homosexual corruption is so rampant that males and child predators can declare themselves to be male, female, transgendered, or all of the above and more, giving them a free pass to integrate with potential unprotected victims. The worst disasters of humanity are Man-Caused Disasters caused by intentional actions contrary to nature.