The Patriot Post® · Lou Dobbs Advises GOP How to Win Election: Become Democrats

By Albert Maslar ·

Commentator Lou Dobbs promoted his new book, “Upheaval,” in a radio interview with WND, insisting the Republican Party must abandon social issues in the November 2014 mid-term elections and embrace all Americans around traditional values of the Party.

Shades of Pope Francis who infamously also expounded in an interview that “Catholics must stop talking about abortion, gay marriage, and contraception, all the time.” Evidently, Dobbs, though registered as Independent, as did many Americans, bought in, hook, line, and sinker.

WND reported, “Dobbs wants a GOP that appeals to everyone, noting he believes former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney doomed his campaign when he said 47 percent of Americans had no incentive to embrace his campaign because they are dependent upon government and pay no income tax. Dobbs also cited a poll showing 78% of Americans support legal abortions in at least some circumstances, and cited the recent momentum for same-sex marriage. Dobbs calls for Republicans to forget the focus on social issues and embrace an economic agenda that will appeal to a wide swath of voters.”

Traditional Republican Party values would then equate to undefined Obama and Democrat “American Values,” so what will separate Republicans from Democrats except spending and war that come to think of it, Congressional Republicans agree with.

Republicans abandoning social issues is part of what caused Mitt Romney to lose his quest for the presidency in 2012, as his wife recommended he drop social issues, the driving winning force at the time. Should the GOP abandon social issues to lure independents? In effect, the GOP did just that, and now is a slightly less Liberal wing of the Democratic Party, as evidenced by the political plums GOP House Speaker John Boehner continually hands to Obama.

Social issues separate Democrats from Republicans; Liberals from Conservatives; men from boys; believers from non-believers; and Christians with a “Live and let live” attitude from those loving the sinner but hating the sin. Believers separate the sin from the sinner, but homosexuals want it all in their obnoxious public displays, attitudes, and legal actions, demanding unequivocal love for their lifestyles or be treated as hateful bigots.

The estimated 4% homosexuals (HOMO is Greek for “SAME) actively promote LGBT lifestyles though denying that right for Christian opponents. Pope Francis hypothesized, "Catholics must stop talking about abortion, gay marriage, and contraception, all the time.”

The reality is that those very LGBT proponents talk about, promote, and force their beliefs on traditionalists, all the time, to the point they commandeered the Church, Government, Military, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Media, Family, World, a host of business and non-profit organizations, the ACLU to do their dirty work, plus the cherry on top, the public education system via massive teacher unions, to impart, sanctify, and glorify their nonconforming pseudo religious lifestyles to the young.