The Patriot Post® · Obama Failures Biblical Base

By Albert Maslar ·

President Barack Obama has benefited from the media, populace, and the world, as the second coming though he had not yet done anything to win the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize except for the fact that he was the first Black to become President of the US, a position not earned, but given to him gratuitously. The most abused gifts are unappreciated because they are unearned.

Enter Pride, one of the famous seven deadly sins which history dates back to Lucifer, the brightest of angels, who was so enamored of his own brightness and glory, that he thought he should be God. Lucifer revolted against God but was banished from the presence of God, which is the ultimate definition of Hell.

Adam and Eve were tricked into Pride by Lucifer, now called Satan, who promised Eve that if she eats fruit from the forbidden tree, her eyes will be opened and it will make her like God, knowing good and evil; and so it came to be, unfortunately.

Building the Tower of Babel represents another Biblical major case of pride that led to division and destruction. At the time the world had one language, the inhabitants were skilled and decided to build a city with a tower that would reach to heaven, in effect making themselves god-like. God confused their language so they would not understand each other, and scattered the people of Babel over the earth, effectually collapsing the highly advanced Babylonian Empire.

Pride leads even the most noble down the path to destruction. The anointed one really believed he could walk on water, and he actually did, though the water was frozen over with ice causing him to slip and slide aimlessly and perilously, multiplying egregious mistakes beyond capability for fixes. Sometimes a house become uninhabitable and cannot be repaired, but can be salvaged by using it as a teardown, and then building solidly.

Five years into the Presidency, but nothing Obama has done has had lasting beneficial effects, but stayed true to the Maslar axiom, “Every solution creates two new problems,” geometrically doubling now insoluble problems. Two solutions beget four problems, which beget eight problems, which beget sixteen problems ad infinitum. Solutions and endless fixes to ObamaCare and demonstrate the multiplicity of problems caused by the singular effort to nationalize health INSURANCE that in fact jeopardizes health care itself.

Obama persists in denial of knowledge of numerous scandals plaguing his administration, attributing all to unknown elements, mainly Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, or the fact of having inherited this greater mess than anticipated from previous President George W. Bush.

Every Obama initiative at home and abroad is failing for the simple reason that Obama is not grounded in substantial traditional values of God and Country. Lacking legislative cooperation, Obama having failed everything, leaps dangerously into yet more agendas to corrupt. Expanding Foreign Wars, Illegal Immigration, Income Equality via extraordinary increase in the intrinsically job-killer minimum wage are high on the list, not to mention never-ending annual Deficits contributing to the unpayable National Debt that is actually in the $100 Trillion range.

Perpetual unemployment “insurance,” creates a permanent unemployed, government-dependent class to stay in the ranks of welfare recipients that will empower Democrats forever, or until the house of cards collapses, whichever comes first. Obama goes to the bully pulpit and condescendingly orders his kindergarten to “Pass this bill right away, and I will sign it right away.” …Class dismissed.

Global warming, now climate change, has come back into play to promote the ill-reputed Carbon Tax, but scientists on a global warming expedition were stranded due to exceptionally thick sea ice. Rescue ships were likewise trapped in the thick ice they did not expect, were rescued by helicopter. Al Gore confidently but wrongly predicted, “The ice is melting and will be gone by 2013 or 2014,” but disappointed lemming followers came up with a brilliant answer; “The ice is expanding due to global warming.” Pride, but no place to hide…Facts is facts.

Saint Augustine was supposedly walking on the beach in contemplation of knowledge, when he came upon a little boy running back and forth to the ocean, each time dumping his small pail of water into the hole. Augustine asked the little boy, “What are you doing,” to which the boy replied, “I am trying to put the ocean into his small hole in the sand.” Augustine countered, “You cannot put that big ocean into this small hole,” to which the little boy, probably an angel, replied, “You cannot put the whole knowledge of God into your small brain.” True or not, it is true.

America has sown the wrong seeds, seeds of destruction, so what kind of harvest can be expected? Whatever that happens to be, the fate of those who are in effect “Accessory After The Fact,” are deemed to be just as guilty as the perpetrator.

And so it is the case with those, who though not participating in, but defending social issues like active homosexuality, abortion, rejection of religious rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, are guilty by default for not objecting.

Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because the Lord could not find ten righteous people. The number ten may be symbolic, like actually ten, or ten percent, but the fact is that overwhelmingly the twin cities did themselves in.

Pogo was right. “We have found the enemy and they is us.” Humans have a free will and can choose between good and evil, but like the incarcerated say, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Or like the TV commercial selling oil filters for the car, "You can pay me now (a little) or Pay me later (big). Wrong choices are generally very costly.

Pride constitutes a cancer that breeds every sort of evil and unexpected consequence, the consequences of which are unexpected, but expected if looked at in the light of history, morals, and common sense. Einstein famously said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, but expecting a different result.”