The Patriot Post® · Christie, Obama, Bosses -- Same Mold

By Albert Maslar ·

Team members of any organization, be they public, private, business, government, sport, whatever, know and understand who appointed or hired them, and understand the goals and agendas of their top dog. Underlings know and understand the principle that the boss does not want to know every little trick being done for the boss, but thoroughly understand what the boss really wants, but know the code words they are expected to abide by as an implicit duty and direct part of the job.

Protective political pundits understand this principle as well, and smooth over problems of their favorite politicians. In the current case involving NJ Governor Chris Christie, political pundits understand the principle well, and hesitate to go full throttle against Christie involvement in the infamous BridgeGate that closed three of four lanes feeding George Washington Bridge traffic from NJ to NY City, the most heavily travelled bridge in the world.

Liberal media understand that if they go too hard on GOP Christie, they will have to do the same as regards their boy Obama and his transgressions he knew nothing about. Jay Leno quipped, “Now that Christie is denying everything, he sounds even more Presidential.” Christie is the Obama buffer argument, “I did not know about…Until…” If they get Christie, they must go after and get Obama…Not gonna happen to Obama.

There are penalties when something bad happens in any organization, such as what transpired at J P Morgan Chase Bank, involving their negligence in the pyramid scheme of Bernie Madoff, eventually costing JPM more than $2 Billion in fines. The real downside to that settlement is that no one was indicted, prosecuted, or joined Madoff in a jail cell, but the financial penalty was absorbed by innocent stockholders. As usual, the innocent will be punished.

NFL football coaches are routinely fired and dismissed for having winning records below expectations. Seven coaches and five general managers were fired the day after the regular-season ended. Accordingly, President Barack Obama, CEO of the US, has performed below expectations, and in fact cost citizen taxpayers $6 Trillion of additional National Debt for the first 4 ½ years of his watch, so what will it take to fire Obama?

Christie expressed deep sorrow and disappointment in his handpicked team members, but did they not act in the manner of their boss who has a reputation for bullying opponents? Regardless of their ill-advised deliberate gridlocking NJ GW Bridge traffic to NY City, they actually did what they thought Christie might want them to do. When politician are sorry, it is sorrow for the fact that they were caught.

Give the devil his due, that unlike Obama, Christie was quick to apologize profusely, perhaps too much so, and fire his Deputy Chief of Staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, who was at the center of the Nixonian Dirty Trick. Christie said, “He was embarrassed and humiliated by her stupid and deceitful actions.” Unsaid was that Kelly, recently divorced mother of four, was extremely close to Christie who said he was “Not interested in hearing why she lied.” Those who knew and worked with Kelly in the past, expressed surprise that she was involved in the scandal.

Duplicity is part of the political process, aptly expressed by GOP House Speaker John Boehner who verbalized his feeling about enabling Obama spending and social issue policies with his gratuitous comment, “I want to go along to get along.” PHEW !!! If that doesn’t say it all about the mindset of professional long-term incumbents!

Only after politicians leave their posts do they express dismay at the goings-on inside government, as epitomized in the new book by outgoing Defense Secretary Robert Gates, “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War.” Gates refers to intentional disarray and misdirection of Obama foreign policy as to prosecution of Middle East wars, causing allies to lose trust and disengage from US policy that emboldens enemies.

Credibility for Gates is diminished in light of the fact that he remained silent and therefore complicit during his tenure as Defense Secretary, and therefore instrumental in the 2012 re-election of President Barack Obama that brought about the heinous ObamaCare morass that will financially and medically plague the US far into the future.

Christie though not Conservative is considered to be a frontrunner for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, but may have met his Waterloo and his aspirations derailed as the result of a traffic scandal in the midst of the first day at school bus transports for children, and possible repercussions from EMT ambulances to quickly aid the injured and sick. Media frenzied attention to Christie is removing Obama from his own numerous hot seats.

Christie is subject to the test, “What did he know and when did he know it,” a phrase made famous in the impeachment threat and resignation of President Richard Nixon, the political touchstone that has brought down many rich and powerful upper tier types, proving that the cover-up is worse than the original deed.