The Patriot Post® · Obama Math: Less Than 100% Vote for Black Man Is Racist

By Albert Maslar ·

President Obama one-upped his math skills, though being the first Black Man to be elected and re-elected to the Presidency, Obama effectually agonizes that in a true Dictatorship, errrr, Freudian slip, Democracy, election of the Chief Executive is unanimous and results announced before the election that serves as a convenient formality.

This lesson in Obama math goes a long way to explain that Obama policies save money by unrestrained spending, wastefully throwing money at problems in hope of achieving fiscal solutions.

Obama commented during an interview with The New Yorker, “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black President.” Obama math leaves much to be desired, as he could not have gained the Presidency on votes of the 13% Black community that went 90% to 95% for Obama, meaning actual Black votes needed to be reinforced with about 40% White vote. So why the sour grapes? After all, when questioned about a certain matter after winning re-election, Obama, only half- half-jokingly commented, “I won.”

Math problems resulting in massive wasted, failed stimulus and Green environmental programs are the tip of the iceberg that is essentially comprised of the failing Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka ObamaCare, and its already failed website portal, that is in its death-throes, Obama cheer leading notwithstanding.

Math problems resulting from the repetitive Obama promises that ACA would cut medical costs and right from the get-go, HealthCare costs are skyrocketing. Obama meant to insure the 30 million that had no health insurance, but his math increased the number uninsured as many health insurance companies dropped coverage, as they were not in compliance with ACA mandates.

Change is what Obama wanted, and change he got, not from bad to good, but from insinuated bad to worse. Promises to cut spending and debt while increasing jobs to decrease unemployment were likewise victims of Obama fuzzy math. Spending programs were portrayed as cuts in spending, but the cuts were merely cuts in the rate of increase that continued upward unabated, exacerbating the National Debt that ballooned to $17 trillion.

Obama began his Presidency in January 2009 with an inherited Federal debt of $10.6 trillion, and now in the beginning of his fifth year, the National Debt stands at $17 trillion, adding more than Bush did in two terms as President.

Obama has worsened the concept of “New Math.” as every tax is an “Investment,” and every increase in spending is a cut, and the US must spend its way out of recession, depression, deficit and debt. At a given point, the great orator may have to go back to primary school to learn the primaries of math, evidently not taught at the great institutions of higher learning, but the man has the Boehner GOP loving and enabling the spending. There is enough blame to go around leaving none of the professional incumbents unscathed.