The Patriot Post® · Congress Zebra Committee

By Albert Maslar ·

America rules by committee that is humorously, though it is not funny, often resulting in creation of a Zebra, a racehorse by committee. Alfred Armand Montapert, in 1906, penned, “The greatest things are accomplished by individual people, not by committees or companies.”

Congress is the ultimate prototype committee comprised of 535 legends in their own mind, each a clown prince defined as “An idiot. A person who is royalty when it comes to fools. Often someone who says they can do something and fails the task.”

Ahh, it feels so good to understand the machinations of Congress and what makes it tick in the game of TOCK, the object of the game being to get all four of your pieces home. And in the game of partners, you also help your partner get their home. ‘Splains a lot of misunderstood notions about Congress, debunking the idea that Congress is the servant of the people.

Interests of Citizens, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, are the main pieces, but the interests conflict, requiring compromise, usually undecipherable thousands of page of law, rules, regulations, of course, expedited and built by still more but unelected committees. Small wonder that nothing Congress does works as planned, unless that is the plan.

Congress members are influential, powerful, rich, or soon to be, and may never have financial worries for as long as they live, as they are truly entitled to benefits exceeding those of Social Security. “Entitlements” is a toxic term applied disparagingly to peons Congress represents but abhors, as Congress rants that everything is the fault of embedded entitlements. Hypocrites all.

Meanwhile, the Monarch, aka President Obama, threatens Congress, that if it does not coalesce into doing the will of the master, he will bypass the Zebra Committees, and do it himself with his telephone and mighty pen, thereby creating his own zebra notwithstanding prohibitions by the Constitution.

Jesus is referred to as “The Anointed One, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, walks on water, and feeds the hungry,” providing the rationale for Obama, that he himself is the anointed one who walks on water, and is the king of his monarchy, and feeds the poor and hungry groveling at his feet.

Monarchy is a most perfect of government forms, showing one benevolent dictator Obama ruling in justice and fairness, proving the point that Obama does as Jesus narrated in the story of the workers idly standing around and jobless because no one called them to work. Not to worry because this monarch, though not calling them to work, will provide more than just food, and all he wants in return is another term, not unprecedented.

“Christian” King Obama almost emulated the Bible narrative, not by getting jobs for the jobless, but paying them anyway in the order of their unemployment. Obama outdid the Bible, paying them equally, beginning with the newest to the oldest “worker” unemployed who expected more pay than received by the newer illegally unemployed.

That paragraph makes no sense but then nothing done by Congress, el Presidente, or the Supreme and lower courts makes any sense either, so why should this take on the Bible have to make sense; but maybe in its own way, it does make sense, senselessly, putting the writer in the same clown prince category as is Congress and its unelected bureaucracies, and partners in trampling the Constitution.

King Obama is the First, but do not ignore aspirations of the Hillary who also wants to follow the footsteps of hubby for President. A losing Hillary would then not be apt to say, “What difference does it make now.”

Meanwhile Michelle would dance herself into the heart of Americans singing the Beatles tune, “Michelle Ma Belle, 'I love you, I love you, I love you’; That’s all I want to say; Until I find a way I will say the only words I know that You’ll understand.” Happy Birthday Mrs. President, and would that not be a slap in the face of the Hillary, and America.

Guess who will NOT be in the selfie?