The Patriot Post® · State of the Union: Obama Campaigns

By Albert Maslar ·

Politicians are notorious for making promises they know cannot or will not be kept, making any promise a lie in disguise. President Obama will deliver his Jan. 28 State of the Union (SOTU) campaign address that will see the ultimate set of lies from the Manchurian Candidate who is pro-everything against Christianity, Natural Law, and the Constitution.

Energy independence and drop in gas prices will be touted, despite the fact that all increases in US oil and gas production have been inherited from the maligned previous administration. New oil exploration has been reduced via help from the EPA, and annexation of State open lands into federal control. Coal has already been effectively disemboweled as a main economical energy source, as has nuclear energy. Climate change and carbon emissions will be targeted to enact new taxes designed to kill energy.

Of particular concern is Obama heavily favoring and promoting abortion, homosexuality, inhibiting freedom of religion, and obliterating separation of powers between Administrative, Congress, and Judicial, as defined by the Constitution. Obama is all set to go it alone, that if Congress does not act, he will, a not well-veiled threat to bypass the Constitution.

SOTU will try to sell the lie about the economy that shows only 6.7% unemployment, ignoring the third of workers dropping out of the job search for non-existent jobs. Actual unemployment is as high a 17% when factoring in those necessarily on low paying part-time jobs. Obama will boast of creating 7.5 million new jobs, but will ignore the 4.5 million jobs lost under his watch.

Boasting of recovery of Wall Street stock market averages indicate the success of Obama fiscal policies, but those gains are directly attributable to the FED QE printing $85 billion of new “Money” each month that finds its ways from banks to gains of the investment community. Much of FED stimulus finds its way overseas propping up foreign competitors of the US.

Obama will take credit for ending the Iraq War, though leaving Iraq in worse shape than when he took over from G.W. Bush, and will magnify his military disastrous “successes” in the Middle East. Obama, ignoring the fact that he was directly involved in overthrows that generally changed situations from bad to worse, while continuing forays into sovereign foreign lands.

Obama will berate Congress for not responding to his version of Immigration Reform that is bald-faced Amnesty for ten to thirty million illegal immigrants, buttressing Democratic hold on political power.

Once again Obama will threaten to bypass a lethargic Congress that is slow to bow down and do the will of the great emancipator while making charges of racism because “some” Americans do not like a Black President, Ignored is the obvious, that 13% Blacks can never elect a Black President without overwhelming White votes. Income Inequality will be addressed and compared to Pope Francis who seems to be on the same page of “Income Inequality.” Ignored is the fact that the President of the USA deserves to be paid “slightly” more than a lowly but honorable janitor or hamburger flipper.

Shortcomings and blame for failure of the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, and its entry portal HealthCare. gov will be attributed to Republican gridlock or some entity other than himself. Obama will take credit for perhaps questionable six million new signups while ignoring the ten million or more that have already lost their health insurance coverage.

Likewise, excessive spending and debt are the fault of Congress that does not want to pay bills it already racked up, ignoring Obama’s impetus to racking up these bills himself. Lest it be forgotten, the G.W. Bush negative legacy of war, spending, and debt, are not to be minimized when assigning blame to Obama, who, taking a line from the movie, A Few Good Men, “We did nothing wrong… We were supposed to fight for the people who couldn’t fight for themselves.” Curious as to why that argument is not used to protect the unborn from a torturous death in the womb.

National Security Agency (NSA) spying on American citizens will get short shrift as the program was instituted under predecessor G.W. Bush. The main reason government would spy on its own people is because government actions are a threat to the survival of the US as a Republic while blossoming into a dictatorship, may deserve to be overthrown.

Guns will be another issue, and no doubt, there will be reminders of gun tragedies in the audience. Racism will rear its ugly head as Obama points the AG Eric Holder finger at isolated white on black crime while ignoring impact of widespread black on white crime.

Online voting might bear more than a passing reference, as it represents another opportunity to stuff the ballot box to guarantee favorable results for Liberals.