The Patriot Post® · Super Bowl Winners & Losers

By Albert Maslar ·

Super Bowl is fait accompli, proving professional football is a game for the fast, foolish, and fearless, as discovered belatedly by Denver Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. The “Game” served as a wake-up call for Peyton who was obviously tired, hurt, and showing his age, though on paper was invincible, but on the gridiron, “Stick a fork in this turkey; it’s done,” burnt like toast, beaten badly though winning the meaningless statistics.

Now what for the losers and the winners? For the losers, the brutal reality that they are mere tired men playing games with boys, while the winners pay false homage to the skill of the losing opponents, simply to make themselves look better in retrospect and victory.

The NFL has pulled another stunner, tremendous profits at the expense of advertisers that bought a pig in a poke, paid through the nose and then some, got little bang for their advertising buck, allowing profits only for the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell that milk this NFL cash cow as a non-profit non-taxpaying organization. Goodell termed the 2014 Super Bowl in the NY-area (Wrong, the game was played in NJ) Super Bowl tremendously successful, but not for the advertisers, and certainly not for viewers absent diehard Seattle Sea Hawk fans.

For the winners, ecstasy, but losing can be just “A ‘Day away,”. For the losers, agony. Losing can last an eternity. A notable line by songwriter and singer David Gray, “You say it can’t be done; You’d rather die of fun; Get out of the way. For me for you for everyone; "Forever is tomorrow is today.” Many meanings can be read into those lyrics.

The theme for the losers, and the winners for that matter, “One day at a time,’ sweet Jesus; That’s all I’m asking from You; Give me the strength to do every day what I have to do; Yesterday’s gone, sweet Jesus; And tomorrow may never be mine; So for my sake; Teach me to take One day at a time.”

Had it not been for Denver Colts Executive V.P. John Elway, Manning might never have ended up in Denver to replace Tim Tebow, who took a floundering team into the playoffs and winning a playoff game, something the famed Manning did not accomplish last season.

But alas, Tebow made one mistake when after touchdowns he went down on one knee and holding a clenched fist to his forehead, offered a brief thanksgiving, the birth of “Tebowing,” but marking the death of Tim Tebow as an NFL quarterback. But as a person and true Christian, no sour grapes and no regrets, a true champion, greater than the 1994 Super Bowl champions.