The Patriot Post® · Debt Ceiling Imbroglio Feb. 7

By Albert Maslar ·

America’s debt-ceiling borrowing limit officially hit $16.7 trillion but Treasury Secretary Jack Lew doctored and froze expenditures. Smoke and mirrors financial juggling means that the moment Congress officially increases the debt limit, a flood of expenditures will give a sudden unnatural surge to the spending limit that was suspended until Feb. 7.

Republicans “demand” spending concessions in return for hiking the debt ceiling, but Obama, as is his style, will not negotiate, and Speaker John Boehner, as is his style, will offer highfalutin sound bytes before once again playing “Cave Man” and dance to Obama fiddlin’ and diddlin’.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its expectations for the economy, deficit, and ObamaCare over the next decade. Controversy erupted as both parties claimed victory of sorts; the GOP going by the absolute numbers harp on “2.5 Million jobs will be lost,” while Liberals insist the job picture is changing, giving more workers the right to “Not Work.” Only in Congress and media can such convolution be normal.

The most significant CBO finding is that over the next decade, there will be millions fewer full-time workers because ObamaCare creates disincentives to work, while employers are deterred from exceeding the 30 hour per week work limit to avoid ObamaCare penalties. Part-time jobs will probably grow just enough to allow workers to qualify for low or no-cost medical insurance but still remain on elements of welfare. Medicaid will take a big hit.

Politically, nothing will change in Congress, as diatribes will be the order of the day until push comes to shove, and once again, the can is kicked down the road for the umpteenth time. Where is Charles M. Schulz’s Lucy who pulls the football away from Charlie Brown right as he is about to kick it, and why can’t Lucy pull the can away as Congress tries to kick the deficit-debt can of worms down the road?

Kicking the can down the road is the GOP cowardly way out, as they do not want to be seen as the Party that forced Government into a 33% percent slowdown as opposed to the misrepresented 100% “Shutdown.” Long-term Liberal GOP Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, along with House Speaker John Boehner, bear much of the blame, but other enablers include Paul Ryan and his phony democrat inspired budget, along with Senator Rand Paul and his phony petitions and no-brainer surveys, and then oh yeah, give me your money.

Ross Perot was the last real chance at upsetting the political status quo, but disappointed when he backed out of the 1992 Presidential campaign when he might have gained sufficient votes to block any candidate from getting the required number of electoral votes. That might have been America’s chance to break machine politics, and create a Constitutional crisis that might have forced the two major parties to gain Third Party support to control Congress.

The Republican Party is dead meat that wants big government spending, massive debt, and unlimited unauthorized wars kept alive by money from the Military Industrial Complex. It took a General Eisenhower to stop the bleeding. GOP is now just liberals of a different color.

The political fix cannot or will not happen as life is too short and both Liberals and Conservatives shortsighted. It will take something catastrophic to shake up America, and there is no best guess as to what that might be, except to expect the unexpected and let God figure it out…And the Almighty will wake America up in the most unimaginable way, leaving America a day late and a dollar short despite the best efforts of mice and men.