The Patriot Post® · Fantasies

By Albert Maslar ·

Dreamers in Fantasy Land thinking the Congressional GOP “Knights In Rusted Armor” must finally acknowledge that America is broke, has only a slightly divided One-Party, Two-Party system that in no way represents the people. Whatever name it goes by has finally hit the fan and the stench is not unlike decay associated with death.

RINO GOP Speaker John Boehner has officially killed the Republican Party, leaving Conservatives nowhere to go except to the Tea Party in sufficient numbers to be able to block whatever needs to be blocked which as it turns out in Congress: “Everything.” Boehner destroyed the House “Power of the Purse” by assigning unlimited spending authorization rights directly to President Obama who never respected the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

Repeal & replace ObamaCare cannot and will not happen with two-faced RINO Boehner and Senator Reid in the picture. The House, nearly 50 foolish and superfluous times, voted to repeal ObamaCare, but then turns on a dime to give Obama Carte Blanch spending until March 2015… WOW!!! …Who would have thunk?

Sending e-mails and faxes to RINO traitors is a waste of time and money. How about “Occupy DC” and get the previous Occupy people and motorcycle clubs involved? Monies could be raised from patriots who cannot come themselves, but can support protestors with necessities while Occupiers make noise, litter, and trash, to disrupt business as usual in DC.

Block all entrances and exits from Congress until they relent and do the right thing, and only then let them go home. Caesar had his mercenaries so why can’t Conservatives? The U.S. already has mercenaries in that the Military is 100% volunteer with no conscription, no draft. Let the children of Congress go to unauthorized wars that only consume American blood, money, and time.

Now that the debt limit crisis is really kicked down the road, it is on to the next GOP capitulation, immigration reform, which boils down to amnesty as a reward to illegal immigrants to benefit from their crimes of illegal entry, receipt of stolen goods and services via unentitled welfare benefits, driving without licenses or insurance, drug smuggling, and a host of “Petty Crimes.”

NY Democrat Senator Charles Schumer said, “The Boehner debt limit reversal gave him hope that Boehner might do a similar turnabout on immigration. The House has come to the realization that following the hard right on the debt ceiling made no sense, which is good for the House, good for the Republican Party and good for America. We hope soon enough they’ll come to the same realization on immigration.” Boy, does Senator Schumer have Boehner’s number, but doesn’t everybody, including Harry Reid who jabs Boehner into Obama action?

Credit limit is settled as no doubt will be immigration, another blow to jobless Americans, but no matter, on to bigger and better things, or not. John Meyers published an interesting article, “Obama’s Energy Policies: Devotion To Abdullah And Derision Of Alberta” in Personal Liberty Digest about the Keystone XL pipeline, and why that will not happen.

“American greens preach but on what the King of Saudi Arabia orders. It seems the final decree from the oil kingpin has not yet been handed down, although it may be received by Obama when he travels to Saudi Arabia next month.*

*"This will be Obama’s second state visit to see King Abdullah. The king may refuse to allow Obama to sign off on the landmark Keystone XL pipeline deal with Canada, America’s closest ally and largest trading partner.*

*"On paper and before the consideration of politics, the passage of the Keystone XL pipeline is a no-brainer — even for Obama, the man who can make it happen with the stroke of a pen. The President’s own State Department has told him five times that he should sign it into law because the pipeline will not have an egregious impact on the environment and it will give America greater energy security while creating thousands of jobs.”*

Obama preaches unfairness and hate for America as trained by his Chicago Pastor Jeremiah Wright for 22 years, about American abuses, and who culminated his tirades with “Not God bless America, but God d— America.”

Life has been “unfair” over the millenniums and along comes interloper Barack Hussein Obama who owes more to Islam than he does to America; a man who considers it unfair to be a legal resident of the U.S., White, Christian, Religious, Conservative, employed, and everything good and holy. Obama then elevates homosexuality, abortion, contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization to the Seventh Heaven. Congress and the Supreme Court are so intimidated by this man from nowhere, that they will not balk when he takes over for a Third Term or Life, whichever comes last.