The Patriot Post® · Failure Begets Failure – Good Job

By Albert Maslar ·

President Barack Obama failed big-time in his first two years, wasting Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress, opting instead to take over healthcare, one-sixth of the economy with his Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare. Piling failure upon failure, Obama wasted a third year and counting on its implementation with a disastrous signup system embodied in unworkable

Having failed all, the man reaches for ever more undoable complex laws that further bind the U.S. energy, jobs, and economy, his latest boondoggle being Global-Warming Climate-Change that is within the power of God alone to change. No matter; that is a goal of Islam which Obama bows down to, the key element being that Allah is not the God of Abraham, but more likely Lucifer who always wanted to be god just as much as Obama wanted to be President; twice, and possibly a third time.

“Occam’s Razor,” is a scientific and philosophic hypothesis positing that rules should not be multiplied unnecessarily, that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex. Failure to observe Occam’s Razor spells failure for legislative action encompassing pages by the pound, as typified by ObamaCare with some 20,000 pages of law, rules, mandates, regulations, and new bureaucracies; all designed for failure.

Avant-Garde Irish author Samuel Beckett wrote, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” By definition, Barack Obama is avant-garde politically with his mandatorial concept of government-sponsored health insurance for the masses but factually fall far short of that goal, never mind failures at every stage of his presumed legacy. Obama is failure and failure begets failure – good job.

Having failed this persisting issue while having simultaneously failed on the international Middle East peace fiasco, the man pivots back into Global Warming, now politically correctly renamed Climate Change. Despite the fact that global warming has stagnated if not reverting to cooling, Clown Sec. of State John Kerry adamantly calls warming skeptics to be fools.

Not content with the overflowing buffet, Obama adds immigration reform, taxes, and slyly, Big Bad Wolf adds Internet voting to the mix, the better to devour Republicans with. Voting machines are already rigged by the greatest rigger of all, but Obama wants insurance that Liberal control is permanent and irreversible.

Why give credence to serial liar President Obama who unlike Midas, famous for everything he touched turned into gold, whereas everything Obama touched turns into mold, rendering the U.S. Constitutional superstructure uninhabitable.

Despite the disasters surrounding him, Obama pivots back to Global Warming-Climate Change again. Does Obama really believe he is the anointed one who can walk on water? The reality is that it is all about Carbon Taxes to once again milk business and the economy of working capital, and jobs to stay on target for achievement of One World governance that may be closer than objects in the mirror on the passenger side of automobiles.

“Maslar Mantra” says it all, as heard on the news nearly every day: “There is no end of ‘new things,’ mostly worse, And some beyond imagination, That happen, can, and will happen, Requiring steps to be taken to insure that "SOMETHING LIKE THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.” Regardless of steps taken or not, the only steps taken are those to inhibit freedom and control the masses, but stuff continues to happen, ad infinitum.

Evidently proper steps were not taken as Obama happened TWICE, possibly invoking the Coelho Theory, “Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.” Not out of the question is a third term for the unwelcome stranger in our midst, with or without an election, just as in Third World countries. Could Coleho be an omen on what is to come; Obama President for life?