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When Metrosexual Marxists Rule

Michael Oberndorf · Mar. 5, 2014

Metrosexuals and Marxists have one fundamental characteristic in common with each other: They both think they are smarter than everyone else. And since they know everything, they see themselves as the rightful rulers of the common people, and arbiters of right and wrong, good and evil, and anything else you can think of.

Since we have a Metrosexual Marxist squatting in the White House – many Americans see Him as a usurper – a Metrosexual Marxist who is also an erstwhile Muslim, we are thrice cursed…er…um…blessed. Barack Hussein Obama and His gang of fanatics…er…um…change agents, aka The Administration, believe that foreign policy is simple: Let the Smartest Man and Only Adult in the Room pontificate and the world, awed by His charisma and His brilliance and stunned by his ever-so-subtle nuances, will fall into line and do exactly as He wants them to.

As we can see, this strategy has worked like a fine watch made in a Chinese factory.

North Korea – Moving ahead with their nuclear missile program, and should soon be able to launch a EMP attack on America, should their sadistic Dear Looney find the need to distract his starving subjects from wanting to slowly skin him alive.

Sub-Saharan Africa – Obama’s fellow Africans…no, wait…B. Hussein was born in Hawai'i, right?…are still slaughtering and enslaving each other as if the 21st century, or the 20th for that matter, had never arrived.

Asia – China is producing enough pollution to create global warming and cooling, all by themselves, and they are inches away from starting an East Asian War with Japan and the Philippines. They also are spending increased billions on upgrading their army, airforce, and navy, and have nukes and missiles capable of reaching all the Democrat-ruled cities on the West Coast.

The Middle East – Thanks to the ever-so-tough agreement that The Obama Administration so cleverly worked out with them, Iran will have its long-sought after nuclear weapons in a few weeks and got its bank accounts back, and thus, is able to buy whatever tech goodies it still lacks to launch the nukes at Israel, the US, and Europe. In Afghanistan, Americans are still being killed almost as fast as they are in Chicago, and in Iraq, the defeated and thing-of-the-past al-Qaeda has taken over the major city of Fallujah. And just to underline how utterly al-Qaeda has failed and been neutered by the brilliant strategy of The Commander-in-Charge…er, no…Change…um, no…well, you know, they have also taken over the dominant role in the Syrian insurgency and thus qualified for free arms and ammunition from America.

Russia and Eastern Europe – Just to show that they are not ungrateful for being allowed to take over Georgia, Russia has invaded Crimea in the Ukraine, so Obama, who is more flexible now, after His election, can act shocked and surprised, but magnanimously allow that, too. But to show that just because he’s a Metrosexual Marxist, it doesn’t mean that every Alpha Male that comes along can push Him around, B. Hussein has told our long-time friend and ally, Israel, that they just damn well better watch their step and do as they are told. Unfortunately, they snarkily responded, asking The Anointed One if He understood the meaning of “fat chance?”

So there’s Obozo, out in the cold of a global warming winter, having sand kicked in His faces by every bully on the beach, bewildered and wondering what the hell went wrong?

The truly frightening part of this geo-political tragi-comedy is that China and Russia are extremely aware of the implications of Obama’s actions and inaction. Both of them are on the move militarily, since they rightly understand that the Community Organizer, with his knee-jerk Marxist philosophy and his crippling narcissistic ego, will do nothing of consequence to stop them. It is far from being beyond the realm of possibility that before Obozo leaves office, they will feel strong enough to invade us. A two-front war, from the East Coast and the West, with a military that is a limp-wristed shadow of its former self, would be, as they say in Washington, problematic. Especially if The Usurper and His party get their heart’s desire, gun control. Without the “rifle behind every blade of grass,” our destruction as a nation would be inevitable. But then, is this not what the Democrats and their Greatest President of All Time want?

All this has transpired in a short five years, and the supposed conservatives in government – closet Metrosexuals? – have done almost nothing to even slow it down, much less stop it. If the 2014 election doesn’t return our government to We, the People, I fear we are going to be in for a long, very rough and probably painful ride.

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