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Big Bad Labor

Jerry McConnell · Mar. 10, 2014

Look at this face above. Is he crying, smiling, screaming, spraying spittle on the camera, or threatening the American public voters? If you answered, “All of the above”, you would probably be correct. He might even be stomping his feet tantrum-like as well.

That face belongs to the most powerful organized labor movement official. He is AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and he is hopping mad at me for writing a column in Canada Free Press on February 22, 2014, about the faults (and yes, the stupidity) of Minimum Wage Increases.

Now, of course I don’t know that to be a fact as I am not on the societal level of discourse with a madman of his caliber; and he doesn’t ever phone me anymore – (and never has.) But when I first looked at that photo, I could FEEL him doing all of the verbs assembled in the first paragraph and vowing to get the IRS to shut me down with both index fingers pointing at the thought of me and my audacity to disagree with his MINWAG support while, among other things, crying, smiling, screaming, spraying spittle on the camera, and threatening the American public voters and me in particular.

Now is that conduct unbecoming of a major organized BIG LABOR LEADER? Well, of course not. That is S.O.P. or Standard Obnoxious Performance for ANY normal un-American big labor leader who thrives in putting down anyone who dares to, by the same token, put him down. And by pointing out how stupid, incorrect, faulty and I might even add, childish, the premise of “lift(ing) millions of Americans out of poverty, and help millions more work their way out of poverty.”

How in the name of Trumka can all these millions of Americans work their way OUT of poverty when the Congressional Budget Office estimates the 500,000 jobs will find themselves on the jobs lost list while the workers will find themselves on the unemployment rolls if minimum wage passes?

There are many such demons out there who will savage the voting polls with their presence both individually and by deed, uh, correct that to MISdeed. M. D. Kiltle of online wrote on February 24, 2014 that “AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka wants to make the minimum wage the No. 1 issue this election year. His Big Labor pals are willing to spend heavily to go after five Republican governors, including Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, who have cost unions some of their power base over the past few years.”

Kittle adds, “Big Labor pledges it will go all in, again, in its drive to knock out its top political adversaries in 2014” and quotes “Michael Podhorzer, political director of the AFL-CIO, in a New York Times piece last week said the nation’s labor unions look to spend at least $300 million going after Republicans in this fall’s elections.‘

"Much of that spending is expected to be dropped on four industrial battlegrounds – Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, traditional union strongholds. Big Labor also wants Florida, Kittle said and, "Their hope is to not only oust the Republican governors of those states, but also to flip several of the legislative chambers. In all five states the Republicans control both houses,” the Times piece notes.

“Organized labor spent about $300 million in 2010 targeting elections. This time around, the unions intend to hammer a theme they see as the winner this election year: Boosting the minimum wage.”

Even old friend (above) Richard Trumka voiced his opinion once more, saying and if not with spraying spittle, but with typical stupidity, “Raising wages for all workers is the issue of our time and, hopefully, will be the issue of this election,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said during the annual meeting last week in Houston.“

Right there, exhibiting stupidity, Trumka, while pumping Minimum Wage, spoke of "raising wages for all workers”, which pulls the foundation from under the glorification of minimum wage increases because if that ends up “raising wages for all workers” then the minimum wage earners will still be right there at that plateau – the minimum wage.

Sure, they will all get more money, but they will all also be victims of increased prices for all of the products and services that will have to be increased by the employers for their goods. Higher tax payments on their increased wages will also be a negative factor.

All of which leads me to believe there must be a hidden agenda for these corrupt big laboristas. They’re so intent in tugging on your heartstrings and stirring your sensitivities for the miniscule 2.3 percent of workers at the “poverty” level of all workers, the number issued by government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. And also a large portion of the small group will have been promoted into a higher level in a very short time. So why so much attention being showered on such a non-significant number?

I frankly am worried and concerned about what I CAN’T see or figure out from all the ranting and raving of these corrupt labor union bosses. There’s something else in it for them; could it be high positions in Dictator Obama’s illicit government takeover of all our money and possessions?

I hope we never have to go through that ordeal.

Jerry McConnell is a longtime resident of planet earth with one half century on the seacoast of NH. He is a community activist but promises not to run for President and he feeds ACORN’s to the squirrels. He can be emailed at [email protected] with complaints or the editor at [email protected] with favorables.

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