The Patriot Post® · Parkinson's Law: Expansion to Space Available

By Albert Maslar ·

Parkinson’s law is the adage which states, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” Parkinson’s law corollaries hold that gases, data, traffic, money, and more, will expand to fill the space available. Question is, whether Parkinson’s Law applies to Wall Street that has benefitted from injection of $85 billion in new FED Monopoly Money monthly, now “supposedly” reduced to $75 billion monthly. One way or the other, this covert bailout boosts Wall Street into uncharted record territory. Is this Parkinson’s Law at work? Where would Wall Street and its gamblers be without this constant injection of artificial cash?

The U.S. cannot handle its own problems at home, as it is self-destructing. The shoemaker does not fix the shoes of his own children. That is America today telling the world, “Do as I say, not as I do.” America must take care of its own business before telling the world what it must do. A godless anti-Christian government and its cancerous culture are doomed to failure, lofty political rhetoric notwithstanding.

Constantly expanding deficit spending automatically expands unpayable national debt until an inevitable breaking point is reached that will result in bursting of the biggest financial bubble in world history. The entire federal government is the Pied Piper leading America to inevitable fiscal and financial doom, the likes of which has never been experienced in world history.

There is no government plan to cut off the demise at the pass, as the "Too Big to Fail ANYTHING,“ Wall Street, and Government, are primary beneficiaries of unlimited printed Monopoly Money, marching headlong in unison into collapse over the cliff that all of America’s enemies strive for, but cannot accomplish themselves directly.

America is no longer the land of the free, though it still is the home of the diminishing brave, "Who work hard for those hardly working,” except “working” at letting government employees instruct the hardly working on how to receive ever increasing larger slices of the vanishing imaginary diminishing pie.

How can America succeed as a country or culture while the unnatural dominates the natural order of things that equates to the flea on the tail of the dog wagging the entire dog? Over half the country favors same-sex marriage, but every “JOINING” is not marriage, but only related to the similarity of actual union. People are "married" to their jobs, ideals, house, cars, investments, futures, smart phones, and a host of interests, but that is comparative only and does not equate to the actual state of traditional and settled law human marriage. A wonderful meal is often described as “heaven” but obviously, it is not heaven, but merely heavenly for descriptive purposes.

President Obama is the primary typical example of Parkinson’s Law in that Obama takes as much expanding uncontested power as the cowardly Congress allows him to encroach, allowing Obama to usurp its Constitutionally defined duties and limitations. Arbitrary one-sided ObamaCare changes of legislation are proof that America’s lawless “Commandeer-in-Chief” maliciously refuses to fulfill his oath of office to “Faithfully preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Parkinson’s Law pertaining to expansion of Presidential power to unfettered space available is permitted by Congress whose chief goal is reduced to reelection and incumbency, Constitution and Bill of Rights be damned.

Each breach of Obama’s legally defined duties constitutes a calculated de facto stretch of his power until the fulfillment of his dictatorship dream is fait accompli; And then what? After Obama systematically dismantles the Constitution and Bill of Rights, removes the right to ownership of guns except by criminals, who will always have guns, no matter what the prohibitions, the only remaining choice will be massive civil disobedience, but is there enough patriotic blood?

Necessary revolt was predicted by Thomas Jefferson who said (paraphrasing), “The time will come when once again, America will have to forcefully regain their country and their rights as in a pure Democracy, the have-nots will always vote themselves what they have neither worked for nor earned.”

Meanwhile Obama ignores the problem in America as he prances about the World stage showcasing his wisdom on foreign affairs, so much so that he is an excellent candidate for “Dancing With The Stars.” Upon conclusion of meetings, Obama puts his hands on the back of every foreign dignitary, as he would impart fatherly wisdom to a wayward son, patting “Good Boy.” Is that what is meant by “Touched by the spirit?” What is that, patting their back? Is Obama patting a little “Good Boy, Good Dog, Good Leader, Listen to me and I’ll throw you a bone,” with a rewarding self-assuring pat on the back as he would pat his dog?