The Patriot Post® · Baby Boomers, Milennials, & Generations X-Y-Z

By Albert Maslar ·

Baby Boomers are still playing with their smart toys, and now children as young as two or three have already been introduced to smart phone type devices. Since the Baby Boomer age, successive age groups feel compelled to self-identify with terms such as “Generation We, Global, Next, Net, Mediating,” and whatever the fancy of each group and sub-group. Baby Boomers are generally those born post-World War II era between 1946 and 1964.

Boomers are a primary source of candidates feeding the expanding professional political pool. DC politicians are supposed to be the equivalent of mature “elders,” supposedly the adults in the room, but have not outgrown their self-centered tendencies, as they are perpetual teens despite advance in years. All their children are beautiful, unrestricted, unrestrained, and already advanced “socially” as there is no longer need to instruct on the birds and bees, as in many cases, youngsters already know more than their parents that pride in their mistaken glory. It is still party time for aging Boomers and Milennials that refuse to let go of post coming-of-age that is long gone.

Apostle to the Corinthians St. Paul in the First Epistle as written in  Chapter 13 Verse 11: “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” Accordingly, perpetual teenagers must grow up and act like adults accepting responsibilities that are part-and-parcel of their evolving station in life.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle fit the Baby Boomer category to an extreme as they flit from vacation to vacation, site to site, and activity to activity. Barack claims to be a good father, but when is he home except to reload as he jets off to yet another golf course, fund-raising event, or yet another promotion of a product that despite bearing his name and fingerprints, has no sustainable buyer-appeal? Where is the supposed “quality time” Obama should spend with his children? What of message does that send to Black fathers who are already notoriously absent from participation with the lives of their children?

President Obama hosted a March 11 fundraiser as Democrats suffered a significant loss in Florida that chose Republican David Jolly over Democrat Alex Sink for the deceased Rep. Bill Young House seat. Obama ignored the possibly catastrophic loss, concentrating instead on health care for millions of Americans, touting the fictitious slowing in growth of health care costs. Obama boasted, “Not only have we already provided health care for millions of people who didn’t have it before, the latest report is we’ve got well over 4 million people who’ve already signed up through the exchanges.” Ignored is the fact that at the same time, perhaps 6 million lost coverage they already had.

But not to worry, Obama diverts attention from problems at hand to inconsequential games played by still immature Milennials. NCAA Basketball March Madness is at hand, and once again, the ultimate sports buff will calculate the standings and showcase his expertise with his selections to win each bracket.

Serious life-changing issues face the nation, but like bar-room sports buffs, the Guru-In-Chief must make a TV spectacle of his choices while ignoring less glamorous but more critical choices of more jobs via lifting restrictions for the Keystone XL Pipeline that can suddenly kick-start jobs and the economy to the next level of economic prosperity. March Madness has first priority with the Milennial World.

Obama speaks of fairness and justice, but his daughters attend prestigious private schools while he denies DC mostly Black students the right to attend highly successful charter schools that outperform unionized public schools. Black President Obama hurts his own Black people but gets a pass from the Black Community.

On another issue, Obama made fictitious points with his budget presented to Congress, but ignored is the fact that serial liar Obama proposed his budget that Senate Majority Leader refuses to put to a vote. As the Sundance Kid mused, “Who are those guys?” And the answer is, would you believe it, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who perhaps purposefully will refuse to put the budget to a vote.

Republicans are in a quandary as they spin their wheels between repeal, redo, or replace. Much ado about nothing. Presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio says Democrats are angling for single-payer health care, but Rubio is dead-wrong: If there is to be health care for all, as most civilized countries provide, single-payer is the only thing that will include all without the billions spent by Obama to sell a totally deficient system.

Universal Medicare has been proposed for years by the writer offering a Three-Page Universal MediCare Plan (UMC) that would automatically cover every LEGAL resident of the U.S, and is funded by a 3% National Sales Tax (NST) with no-exemptions or exclusions.

The 3% would be allocated equally to Budget, Debt, and UMC. Income tax tables would be reduced to a graduated 20% max for business and personal. The magic is that the proverbial 47% non-tax payers would become tax payers, lightening the load for all; Obama fairness personified.

The 3-page plan and a 6-page plan to fix it all are available by e-mail request from the writer. Despite the NST increase, individual taxes will be reduced as everyone benefits with proven MediCare superstructure, rules, regulations, deductibles, and co-pays. ObamaCare is merely health insurance whereas UMC is “Health Care.”