The Patriot Post® · New Blood

By Edward J. Brown ·

Several individuals and groups have called on their fellow voters to “Throw the Bums Out. All of them.” However some feel happy with their Senators and Representative and just want all the others voted out of office. With approval rates so low and misuse of power by numerous office holders, every change would seem like a step forward.

A strange virus seems to exist in Washington D.C. Men and women who run on a platform of “Doing what’s best for the country” are exposed to this virus shortly after arriving and being sworn in. “Now it becomes a matter of doing what their party wills that they do, or even worse, doing what is best for themselves.” Seldom do they ask what is best for the country. The ultimate goal is keeping their seats and the pay and benefits that come with their office. Some who denounce the lobbyists in Washington while they campaigned are suddenly enjoying a vacation with them on the French Riviera. But it’s for work of course.

With their inflated egos, their response to the public’s disgust and anger is to inform them that the government could never function without all the experience they have gained over the years of service. To put it directly, “You can’t retire me! You need me!”

I have one point they need to remember. When the Constitution was adopted and the first class of Senators and State Representatives were elected, all of them were new to their offices and learned as they served. Their goal was to make the kind of government and national life as envisioned in the Bill of Rights and Constitution reality. They were dedicated to making the Republic work thinking little of what would be best for them. As much as possible they avoided their party’s differences with the opposing party, choosing instead to compromise whenever possible. They just wanted to proudly serve their country and then go home and reestablish their private lives. Becoming a career politician was the last thing on their minds. Nowhere in the writings of the Founding Fathers can you find men desiring to become career politicians. The served only when their country called on them. Our first President George Washington was reluctant to accept the office and insisted for him, two terms would be more than enough.

Our Republic has come a long way, but sadly the last 8 years it has been all down hill.

It’s time to use our votes to tell our career politicians they work for us and we will no longer work for them. We can bring their careers to an end.