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America Has Lost Its Freedom of the Press

Jerry McConnell · Mar. 17, 2014

Our media, with one exception, are totally without shame and their left-wing communist executives should be punished as any anti-American entity should for abandoning the entire population of our country in their worship of Socialism, Islamic terrorists and communism. Only Fox News at least, includes conservatism in its daily news coverage and commentary as opposed to the solid Socialist liberal chant of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC.

Joe Otto, columnist with in his March 09, 2014 column, “Barack Obama Censors and Controls the Press,” asks, “Does our media even have a backbone anymore?”

Offhand Joe, I would say with all sincerity, that if the Mainstream Media does have any backbone it can only be the jelly-fish type, but they are becoming more and more brain-dead lemmings of an inefficient dictator pretender and bogus occupier of our highest elected office who is unable to even act the part of the President of the United States.

Otto also compares the slobbering suck-ups in the American news gathering arena to the apparent not-so-humble reporters on Russian Times News government-run news outlets, who in opposition to the Communist invasion of Ukraine have been resigning on-air while denouncing their government’s actions. It is a very interesting contrast in country loyalty between the REAL Communist Russians and the ‘wanna-bee’ Communist Americans.

The ‘daily sanity’ opines that we are seeing these opposite attractions where the White House intimidates our news organizations and revokes press passes and more or less humbles the press as some form of punishment; and how does our Mainstream Media react? How about obediently keeping their mouths shut? Why? As said before, they are minus any backbone or sense of manliness so they grovel when they encounter Administration figureheads.

Joe Otto and ‘daily sanity’ also say “Congress must stop the Obama administration from intimidating, extorting, and censoring the media!”

Much as I like the idea Mr. Otto, I don’t see that happening as long as we have Democrats controlling the Senate and RINO’s in large numbers in the House. RINO’s insist on bipartisanship in spite of knowing that to Democrats, bipartisanship is interpreted as “do it our way.”

The also mentions Zaid Jilani, a writer for the liberal think-tank Center for America Progress, who recently revealed “how intrusive the Obama administration is when it comes to controlling the media. Even the liberal media outlets, like ThinkProgress, were threatened when they became critical of Obama.

"Despite the fact that Obama campaigned on a promise to end the War in Afghanistan, he did exactly the opposite when he came into office. This infuriated liberal writers like Zaid Jilani, and whenever he would criticize the Obama administration’s escalation in Afghanistan, the White House would start threatening his bosses. The Obama administration would routinely force like-minded news organizations to push their writers in a particular direction and punish them if they ever strayed from the party line!”

As the ‘daily sanity’ also points out “you would expect this type of intimidation in China or Russia, but not in the United States.” Which supports the assertion that there is no free press anymore in this country. We only have the Mainstream Media who are afraid to challenge the Obama Administration. Again, making his point, Otto asks, “When was the last time you saw Fox News criticize the Republican establishment?”

Our national news organizations collectively have been recognized as the eyes and ears for all of the citizens of the United States. They are in effect, our watchdogs and we expect them to report anything remiss from our laws and regulations and in particular, our proven shady and shifty government activities and personnel. If someone in high governmental places take it upon themselves to no longer abide by the Constitution to which they swore an oath on the bible, we expect to see it reported to the people immediately.

As ‘daily sanity’ puts it, our supposed watchdogs in the national media are “too afraid to bite the hand that feeds it. No one is critical of the Administration anymore because they are afraid.”

Another weapon our “feds” have for intimidation purposes besides the FCC, the IRS and NSA is the weapon of hate where the government can determine if “hate speech” is being used and promptly lower the boom on the selected offender. This penalty is so new it is a product solely of the Obama enforcers to be used against speech makers who target the government which seemingly is exempt from it being used by them. Our current Justice Department insures their own immunity and protection.

But don’t expect to read that in any newspaper. As our friend Joe Otto states, “The White House has perfected how to control the narrative, and it has taken a line right out of George Orwell’s book, 1984. The Obama administration is so afraid of being portrayed in a bad light that for most White House events, the premises are closed to media photographers.”

The ‘daily sanity’ with author Joe Otto has penned the perfect ending to this piece: “The Constitution is clear when it says that the government shall make no law to stifle the freedom of the press. Yet, that is exactly what Obama is doing! He is controlling the press in an attempt to limit your access to the truth! Congress must stop this imperial President before it is too late!”

Bravo Joe!

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