The Patriot Post® · 'Trust but Verify'?

By Albert Maslar ·

“Trust but verify” was part of the Ronald Reagan farewell address to the nation after the completion of two terms in office, and used in reference to Russia, and in fact based upon an old Russian phrase.

Trust with a condition to verify is not trust at all, and the political culture of the world that is terrorized by the 57 Islamic countries and their 1.2 billion Muslim members are impossible to trust and there is no way to verify.

Every day, week, month, and year that goes by serves vivid proof that the Free World, roughly anchored by the U.S., is at the mercy of terror dispensed from every corner of the World, without notice, warning, or clue that another unimaginable act of human indignity is perpetrated by the Muslim World upon unbelieving heretics.

Islam, from its inception by Muhammad in 632 A.D., has been unrelenting in its war against everything and everyone non-Muslim. Where is the possibility for “Trust,” or “Verify?”

Christianity is the chief obstacle and ingrained enemy of Islam, and one would think that all hands would be on deck in “Watch and alert mode.” But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, as fellow-traveller, U.S. President Barack Obama professes Christianity on one hand, while fomenting an as-yet bloodless persecution of Christianity.

A major tenet of Islam holds that lying is permitted if it advances the cause of Islam. In the misspoken words of Pope Francis, “Who am I to judge?”  It is incumbent on America to judge potential enemies, particularly those cheering and dancing in the streets at the news on the NY Twin Towers crashing down with some three thousand deaths.

As is common with union rank and file members, non-participating Muslims must accept responsibility and guilt as their celebratory actions constitute implicit approval of mass killing of innocent victims in the name of Islam.

That situation leaves America with the conundrum of having to deal harshly with enemies proclaiming to be friends. Only the Arab World is expert at playing both ends against the middle. Enemies of America are playing complicated Three Dimensional Chess, while America plays rudimentary checkers.

America answers by pouring gasoline to quench raging internal firestorms and conflagrations, while diluting its military assets and capability permanently surrounded by enemies understanding how to cause “Death By A Thousand Cuts,” slow and painful, with the proverbial thousandth cut finally causing death.

America naïvely hopes against hope that it will prevail in the end, but recent history puts the lie to that naïveté as GOP Warhawk politicians want to wage war from Africa to Pakistan, and possibly extending to Russia that evidently took Crimea back into its fold with a bloodless revolution backed by a democratic-type fraudulent election.

Profligate adult parents cannot expect to be able to hold the feet to the fire of their own wayward progeny, and America is the atypical moral beacon. Obsession with sex with Viagra and Cialis type advertising invite questions from the very youngest who now seem to be born with inborn knowledge of the “birds and the bees.” Little girls are dressed as sex symbols and seem to be the exact opposite of those represented in the famous novel, “Little Women,” describing four sisters and their passage from childhood to womanhood. Not today’s world for sure. reports and pictures National Coalition of American Nuns who are proudly wearing sweatshirts with the boldly emblazoned message, “Nuns For Choice” as they advocate in favor of the HHS abortifacient mandate, as they publicly, pathetically and shamelessly declare, “A woman cannot have full autonomy unless she has Reproductive Autonomy.”

That nun incident is a disgusting display of the moral culture of the country, but the St. Patrick Day Parade in NY City presented its own set of counter-culture and confusing signals. N.Y. Mayor Bill de Blasio refused to march in the parade that allows gays to join, but they cannot identify themselves in any way by their sexual orientation.

Beer sponsors joined the boycott as Guinness, Heineken and Sam Adams pulled sponsorships of the St. Patrick Day Parade in N.Y. City in protest of the ban on public expression of gay pride. Who knew that the gay community drank more beer than did the Irish?

The bottom line is, how can America expect to be acting guidance counselor to the World when it cannot handle its own problems at home? American participation in WWII spread over four years from 1941-1945, whereas the Afghanistan-Iraq Wars continue for 13 agonizing years, with no end in sight.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared mysteriously nearly two weeks ago, and despite virtual non-stop news, search, and rescue analysis and operation by more than 20 countries, the only certainty is that the flight originated in a Muslim country, was flown by Muslim pilots, and there is no Paul Harvey to tell us “The rest of the story.”.

Considering U.S. inability to conclude two simultaneous wars in two Muslim Middle East countries that spread to Egypt, Libya, and Syria, with Senator McCain and company demanding action against Syria and now RUSSIA, how can there be legitimate U.S. expectation of anything short of disastrous defeat as it is obvious that the infinite Muslim “Army of One” cannot be anticipated or dealt with, either before or after the ignominious fact. Every day provides proof anew that this new kind of war is impossible to win with traditional massive military resources. Can the two U.S. major political parties ever be trusted again?