The Patriot Post® · GM, Toyota, Government – Liars All

By Albert Maslar ·

General Motors, GM, A.K.A. Government Motors, beneficiary of massive “Too Big To Fail” Federal Government bailout under the guise of Obama “Structured Settlement,” as is his dictatorial wont, has shown its gratitude by suppressing knowledge of the deficiency of an ignition switch problem that contributed to more than 300 deaths, due to failure of air bags to deploy. Since GM employees in high places had knowledge but chose to do the cover-up, constituting a lie in that information vital to the preservation of driver and passenger life was hidden from the public, escalating the deficiency to the criminal level.

Defects showed up mainly on GM compact models including Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5, and Saturn Ion, and have been known internally to be defective. It is not inconceivable that Government Motors, like Government itself, operates under the illusion that lies are truth if repeated long and loud enough. As usual, the truth coming out was too little, too late. GM recalled 1.6 million vehicles. According to the NY Times, “The fatal flaw allowed the ignition to slip from the ‘run’ position to the ‘accessory’ position, shutting down the engine and disabling the airbags, which didn’t operate during subsequent accidents.”

Could the GM massive recall have been delayed to save the government and its investment and 60%+ ownership at the time of the bailout? Government lies to its people as a matter of policy and principle, from the President down through Congress, and the less than supreme Supreme Court. None can be excluded from the “Liars Club” as the liars are so proficient that they believe their own lies.

GM is not alone in the Liars Club that now includes Toyota, the GM main rival for world auto supremacy. Toyota has been slapped with a $1.2 billion penalty for its unintended sudden acceleration problems that like GM, caused many deaths and injuries. Both auto companies misled the buying public with one fact-set while having contrary knowledge internally.

Regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) acted quickly on acceleration issues with Toyota while ignoring the similarly catastrophic defect with GM models. Reportedly, NHTSA knew about the faulty ignition switches in 2007, but at that time GM was sliding toward insolvency, and a massive recall may have pushed them over the edge. Question is how can government or Government Motors be trusted in anything it says or does?

Government Motors should have been allowed to reorganize under the existing Chapter 11 bankruptcy code, and split up into a half-dozen separate companies that would have been lean and mean enough to succeed separately. Common sense deficient politicians acted like the world would end without a massive bailout to save GM, Chrysler, and who knew, save and payback corrupt auto unions that with massive money and manpower helped elect and reelect Obama, explaining why auto unions received the legitimate Chrysler bondholder equity as payback.

RINO Senator John McCain interrupted his presidential campaign to return to DC to cast his “YES” vote on this GM catastrophe, old hat for the declining warhawk that coincidentally never saw an opportunity to promote war anywhere around the world, a real dyed-in-the-wool renegade cowboy.

Liars lie, and overlooked are the unending lies emanating from the golden mouth of the orator of orators, who piles lies upon lies that fly from his mouth faster than a speeding bullet, as Obama does not cease to tout the phantom number of new ObamaCare (ACA) signups that are woefully deficient of the totals and mix needed to lower or control escalating health care costs.

Obama obfuscates and ignores the problem of more people losing their health insurance than those getting the new insurance. A gambler may lose millions at the gaming tables but counts the millions that many more millions that were won, though they too were lost in the process. But not to worry, as the legislating Chief Executive continues to lie as he mangles constitutional legislative powers attributable to Congress alone…Details.

If it were not funny, it would be funny, as Mr. “Precedent” resorted to obscure TV funny shows to promote his ACA cause, the latest embarrassing moment occurring on “Between Two Ferns,” a cable TV show hosted by comedian Zach Galifianakis on the Funny or Die website that spoofs cable-access talk programs, promoting the goal to reach the younger 18 to 34 set needed to pay for the more sickly aged.

Another lie, in that vital information seems to have been deliberately omitted, the latest HHS report reported the number of people signing signed up for health care plans, but it did not mention how many actually paid premiums and had health insurance in force. The numbers also do not specify how many of the 4.2 million signups had health plans canceled, versus how many are new health insurance recipients. Enrollment lags behind numbers needed to meet even the administration ridiculously low goal of 6 million by the end of March.

Everything involving Obama is a lie in that Obama refuses to divulge his personal information that would prove his citizenship, education, and credentials that would qualify him to be President of the U.S. Not disclosing vital required information is another form of lie, as Satan, father of lies, knows no bounds when it comes to deceit in any and all forms.

HHS said 83 percent of all health care enrollees were deemed eligible for government assistance, A.K.A. welfare, technically eligible for health care via State-funded, Federal Government supported benefits already available as MEDICAID.  State exchanges are online marketplaces where customers can buy private insurance plans and can obtain tax subsidies if their income is low enough for them to qualify. Another lie, in that low-earners, though technically uninsured, were already qualified for health care via Medicaid.