The Patriot Post® · Wall Street Welfare Fed by the Fed

By Albert Maslar ·

Groundhog Day Movie repeated the same day over and over until finally the participants got it right, as opposed to Wall Street Welfare that is repeated, year after year while the high-stake, high frequency traders, gamblers, stack the deck wherein all the cards are face-up for them to see and bet on.

Meanwhile corporate profits continue to rise unabated while there is no incentive to add to the workforce as existing employees are conditioned to tread lightly else their jobs will be gone as well.

The old investment caveat held that “Pigs get fat but hogs get slaughtered,” but that cannot be true as the hogs are devouring every dollar the magnanimous Fed prints on their behalf. Meanwhile Wall Street opens with its guests of honor who get to ring the opening and closing bells as they reprise Wall Street’s version of the ND Fight Song, “Cheer Cheer for Old Notre Dame. Wake up the echoes cheering her name. Send the volley cheer on high. Shake down the thunder from the sky. What though the odds be great or small. Old Notre Dame will win over all. While her loyal sons are marching Onward to Victory.”

ND cheers go on, while ignored is the fact that ND has gotten too big, as is common with most large and especially Ivy League universities, as to constitute a growing going business that needs ever more contributions, grants, foundation support, and NCAA football money to sustain the superstructure that allows moral and cultural weakness to imbibe too much of the current modern culture, that though still paying lip service to its namesake, “Our Lady,” has created a contrary counter-culture anathema to Our lady.

Notre Dame, like government and big business, has gotten too big to fail and adherents must continue the ND Fight Song despite the fact that the historic university has taken on permissive degrading trappings. ND partners with what should be arch-enemies, Planned Parenthood, and the homosexual gay-marriage LGBT community.

More and more money must be infused to support the deviant lifestyle in which money is king, but the kicker is that the Bible says that God and mammon cannot be served simultaneously, as one will be loved and the other hated. ND compromised its foundational principles by giving its highest honor to President Obama despite the fact that he was unbending on taxpayer funded abortion on demand. What price glory, be it ever so temporary and fading?

Notre Dame is not alone as a Catholic University that seems to have lost its way, as 23 of 25 Jesuit universities are no longer considered to be catholic in principle, as another aspect of the falling is university tendency to sponsor morally corrupt plays, like “The Vagina Monologues,” that should be embarrassments to religious universities, some of which publicly admitted they are no longer considered to be catholic. Georgetown went so far as to accommodate Obama who requested that symbols of Jesus be covered up in preparation for his graduation address.

More troubling is the silence of Jesuit Pope Francis SJ as regards doctrinal abuses prevalent in Jesuit universities in the U.S. Francis is in position to clean the Jesuit house in one fell swoop, but his attitude of appeasement and declaration, “Who am I to judge,” runs counter to his position as leader among leaders. If the pope cannot get the church right, what hope is there for the U.S. President to get the country right – not that it is Obama’s intent and goal.

Similarities in the gated university world to Wall Street are eerily similar, eerily threatening, eerily rotting, until eventual collapse as every bubble is doomed to burst, though at times it appears that the bubble will never burst. Don Ho was made famous by his rendition, “Tiny bubbles; In the wine; Make me happy; Make me feel fine.”

Eventually come morning and the tiny bubbles cause a big headache and hangover, the necessary consequence of too much imbibing of Wall Street welfare fed by the Fed. The point is that concentration on perpetual growth and expansion must by definition bring organizations to the breaking point that in the case for universities, will occur when government sponsored tuition will dry up the paying student pool that is discouraged by lack of adequate jobs to pay for inadequate education.

Massive overhead superstructure accumulated over the years can no long be sustained, and so it will be with Big Business that has gotten too big to fail while government buoyed by the Fed has likewise gotten too big to fail. Tiny bubbles in the wine eventually burst, and the hangover may make the 1929 Depression seem to be like a walk in the park or on the beach on a Sunday morning. Oh yes, the Sunday walk pays tribute to…"The walkers.“

In the case of bursting of the financial bubble on a monumental scale, will Wall Street be walking on the beach, in the park, or more likely, since money is their only objective, might open windows in tall buildings entice some to do the unthinkable? The 1929 Depression may seem to be like a mild recession, a walk in the park, or on the beach on a quiet sunny Sunday morning, as the ubiquitous 401K can be a financial killer. At least Obama would be happy, as his fairness doctrine would in fact make everyone equal, equally poor and bankrupt.

America, culturally, financially, fiscally, politically, morally, and religiously is living the Benjamin Franklin quotation associated with the Declaration of Independence, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Accordingly, everyone WILL hang, separately and together, as every organization is tainted with the modern-day culture that blackballs everything once considered to be sacred ground.

This corrupted philosophy was actually verbalized by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who answered a question about Phila. abortion butcher Kermit Gosnell and late-term abortion, by saying in her defense, “As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this… This shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.” What teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church would lead Pelosi to believe that law protecting innocent human life wouldn’t be a priority of a “practicing and respectful Catholic?”

Wall Street lemmings and private and public too big to fail organizations have made their decisions that money is king, and those that die with the most money WIN…WIN WHAT? This kind of winning causes rampant acceptable corruption, and eventual collapse at nearly all levels is simply a matter of time. There is forgiveness, but not without admission of wrong-doing, and the country is too politically correct to ever admit to wrong-doing.