The Patriot Post® · Ryan Budget, Money Tricks, Lies & Games

By Albert Maslar ·

Congress needs to create and pass a legitimate budget to allow government to operate in the exact same fashion as any business organization that would not even think of operating without a budget, absence of which for any listed company would be perceived as trouble to be avoided like the plague by Wall Street, financiers, bankers, and investors. In the face of uncertainty and an employers’ market as to availability of labor, employers can afford to be choosy on which employees to keep, cut, or wages to be frozen.

Previous threats of government shutdown were met with disclosure that up to a million federal employees are considered to be “non-essential.” This constitutes the basic Ryan budget trick that ignores this wasteful reality, and factually, the highly touted Ryan Budget actually increases expenditures.

There is only one plan to create sound legitimate budgets, and that is to not continually increase the budget and authorized National Debt, to force government to operate just as most American families do, operate from paycheck to paycheck. There is “PAYGO,” pay-as-you-go, already in place to effect at the least a zero-sum effect, a budget rule requiring that any tax cut, entitlement, and other mandatory spending increases, must be paid for by a tax increase or a cut in mandatory spending. Government ignores its own laws.

The 2015 fiscal year begins Oct 1, 2014, but it is certain that any real budget will be submitted and passed by the House, Senate, and signed by the President will not happen because of refusal by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring any budget to the floor for debate or vote, plus the fact that any vote might affect the November 2014 mid-term election.

Absent a real budget the Senate will not debate, temporary CR funding is the only way for government to operate 100%, or forced to shut down non-essential employees and services, and operate within the average 60% of spending funded by current taxes, fees, and revenues. Previous threats of shutdown resulted in a million workers receiving layoff notices, but Congress retroactively restored the lost pay.

Rep. Paul Ryan is the only game in DC Town for taxes but it is doubtful he can deliver a budget acceptable to all parties involved. But the Ryan trick smoke and mirrors budget does not reduce, or at the least, freeze expenditure levels, but allows spending to grow while reducing deficit and debt. Historically this political logic has always failed in that promises to cut spending later turn out to be another later ad infinitum.

If one million federal employees are non-essential, why are they on the taxpayer trough? Adding insult to injury for the American taxpayer is that after-shutdown settlement, Congress authorizes lost pay of these million workers, proving Congress does not have a desire to cut costs. There should be a future permanent partial government shutdown, putting government on the same pay-as-you-go basis, as are most Americans.

Resultant instant balancing of the budget would be like taking castor oil; no one likes it, but sometimes it is necessary. America’s preemptive wars and funding of foreign warring countries across the Middle East have accomplished nothing but grief, costing American heroic blood and borrowed money for exactly no good, now or in the future.

The U.S. is broke, going deeper into debt, and in fact is broken, but GOP leader in Congress John Boehner was afraid to shut government operations down to the 60% actual monthly revenue it receives. Shut ‘er down mates. The storm may come, but that is better than the growing fiscal financial bubble bursting that could be worse than simultaneous outbursts of tsunami, flood, fire, earthquake, tornado, volcano, asteroid, disease, heat, cold, drought, and every sort of natural or unnatural disaster.

The House of Representatives alone has Constitutional power to spend or NOT, so it is incumbent on the incumbents to do their thing parents do to redirect wayward children. Congress must say NO to deficit spending as there is no way the debt can ever be repaid under current political conditions.

Long-term Incumbents created and magnified fiscal problems, so it is much past the time to trust GOP leaders Boehner, Ryan, McCain, McConnell, Graham, and other lemming hangers-on that lead America down the primrose path toward destruction. Congress, particularly the GOP House, must Man Up or step aside, and it seems the only way that can happen is for massive public demonstrations to “Shut 'er down mates.” Despite allegations that President Obama is “Leading From Behind,” that fact is that Congress is guilty of leading from behind.

A revolutionary Three-Page Tax Plan proffered by this retired CPA solves and replaces ObamaCare while reducing income taxes to a graduated 20% MAX for all entities, business, personal, and non-profits, while imposing a 3% National Sales Tax (NST) on ALL organizations, including religious, education, and government, and is available from [email protected]

In a nutshell, the solution tendered is a 3% National Sales Tax (NST) with no exemptions, exclusions, or exceptions, coupled with a ½% tax on Wall Street type transactions, designed to put a saving brake on unbridled speculation that reduces the investment world to a legalized betting parlor, not necessarily of good repute. The prevailing ultra-High Speed Trading (HST) stacks the deck against smaller investors than the ubiquitous George Soros types that rip off profits from arbitrage of basis points that equate to as low as 1/100th of 1%. Note that basis points divide a penny into 100 parts, impossible for ordinary investors to compete with.

Distribution of NST would be equally divided between current fiscal year spending, reduction of National Debt, and Universal MediCare for all legal residents of the U.S. Politician have not responded to receive or read this three-page document, as they have not read the 2,000 page ACA known as ObamaCare.

Overall cost to individuals of the 3% NST plus the new lower income tax, would be less than current Income Taxes as 100% paying something, including illegal income and under-the-table money paying taxes, as opposed to only 50% presently paying taxes is the magic. All legal residents pay 3% on purchases, so all would be included in Universal Medicare coverage, something Quixotic Obama strives for at tremendous cost and waste of time.

Presidential candidates Paul Ryan and Rand Paul are unlike the original Founders who signed the Declaration of Independence and “Pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to form the Great Republic and bastion of freedom, “The United States of America.” Ryan and Paul are in campaign mode raising money for the 2016 Presidential election, but cowards are as cowards do, hide from trouble and blame blame blame.

Daniel J. Mitchell published his findings on various Ryan tax plans in, an extract as follows:

“Congressman Paul Ryan, the Republican Chairman of the House Budget Committee, has unveiled the GOP’s latest budget plan. Is this proposal deserving of applause or criticism? The answer is yes and yes, with a bit of emphasis on the former. Let’s start with some depressing news. The Ryan budget has gotten weaker each year. Three years ago, he put forth a budget that limited spending so that it grew 2.8 percent per year. Two years ago, he put forth a budget that limited spending so that it grew 3.1 percent per year. Last year, he put forth a budget that limited spending so that it grew 3.4 percent per year. His latest budget continues this slide in the wrong direction. Here are the numbers from the new budget, showing that the burden of government spending will rise by an average of 3.5 percent annually over the next 10 years.”

Ryan is disingenuous, presenting himself as the official tax expert of the Republican Party, and his failed run for VP in the 2012 presidential election. Based on those criteria, Ryan must be presumed to be more than just a Representative of the First District in Wisconsin, but Ryan refuses to accept e-mail communication responses to his own e-mails as recipients question Ryan on political points and his tax plan that affects ALL Americans.

Once members of Congress choose to run for higher office, all voting districts should have availability to these self-promoters. Senator Rand Paul is raising money for his 2016 Presidential quest with e-mails, no-brainer surveys, and petitions, that conclude with request for political contributions, but refuses to accept return e-mails.

In a phrase attributed to physicist Niels Bohr, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future,” but one prediction might stand. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continues to thwart efforts for legislative progress and reform by using his dictatorial control of the Senate as the hammer. Also, the populace is evenly divided on every major issue, making the US the “Divided States of America.”

The Supreme Court reentered the political contribution brouhaha by expanding its previous decision to equate MONEY with the individual voting right. SCOTUS ruled it is unconstitutional to limit the total amount of money someone can give to political candidates, further compounding and expanding the problem of campaign finance abuses, a heinous decision on campaign finance rules that opened and expanded the role of money in politics. Simply put, money outnumbers voters, so does it take a rocket scientist to determine which, money or voters, will rule the political landscape? Once again, if they say it is not about the money; it is about the money.

"The Folks" are dead in the water. No amount of voter contributions will suffice to turn America back to its roots, the Constitution and Christian-Judeo principles. Money is king and specifically as scribed in the Bible, “Love of money” is the root of all evil,“ love of which is shouted out at the trading floor of Wall Street, as  speculators beg for profits from even marginal microscopic price increases.

There is some hope for America from unexpected places, as Black NBA super-star basketball player Kobe Bryant distanced himself from the Black community as to the Trayvon Martin killing. Trayvon was a proven troublemaker and it caught up to him. Bryant is joined by a growing list of Blacks in influential positions, and a sign that judgment should be on what was done, not on race, the perpetrator.

Where were Black racist protests against OJ Simpson getting off when the whole world knew he was guilty as sin? Why is his majesty Obama stoked racial fires when the Trayvon killing was NOT a racial incident, and that is all that it was, an incident, but mother hen in the White House took it upon himself to "Never let a good crisis go to waste,” when it can be like a magician’s trick, a diversion from what is going on behind the curtain; Benghazi, Fast and Furious, using IRS to target political enemies, usurping legislative power of Congress, infringement of freedoms of the Press, and Religion, conducting illegal undeclared wars, abuse of spending allotments, and CIA abuses.

Obama defends his administration against accusations of multiple scandals as phony the many egregious scandals lurk beneath the surface. When they first said “Scandals” Obama thought it was “Sandals” and he has been cruising around the world in a high style that Caesar would kill for.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see, nor none so deaf that they will not hear.“ Government serial liars do more harm than they imagine because of who owns them, Satan, the father of lies, not a lineage to be proud of. Federal government is rife with lies, a verboten word that politicians camouflage and sanitize in many ways.

As to CIA claims it was misled on the interrogation program!!! I personally never trusted the CIA and that is why I did not vote for the elder Bush for President. The rationale was that the CIA was so secretive as to probably be destructive of American freedoms.

The elder President Bush led the U.S. into the first preemptive war against Iraq, as the Bush family was joined at the hips with Saudi oil interests that G.H.W. Bush set out to protect. Younger Bush came in to finish what his father did not; depose Saddam Hussein who had nothing to do with 9/11.


Like every good thing. administrations take Alphabet Soup government agencies over to do their dastardly deeds, including departments EPA, NSA, NLRB, DOT, DoED, DOC, DOJ, and hundreds of other acronyms that comprise the secret code of government meant to confuse and obfuscate while providing cover for thousands of government employees busily writing rules and regulations for what they know not whereof they speak.

God Bless America, because the Pastor Jeremiah Wright star-pupil intern is living the "Not God Bless America, But God Da– America” curse uttered by Wright, cursing America, and so it came to be. The curse is alive and well, not that America has not earned it. God help us, but maybe the country has to get on its knees first, repent, and then ask God for help. Whoops; sorry, forgot the self-anointed one made God illegal and punishable as a hate crime, so there is no place to hide except in Hades as cursed by Pastor Jeremiah Wright and signed into law by his anointed one star pupil.